Dublin Green Gators :

The goal of the Dublin Green Gator Swim Team is that each participant will develop a lifelong positive attitude toward swimming. During the season, individual skill development, goal setting, recreational competition and most importantly, fun are all stressed. Each participant will be encouraged to reach their full potential. If an individual champion or a winning team is developed along the way . . . that is fine. However, this is not the main purpose of the program.

Years from now, it is hoped that team members will look back fondly on the fun they had at practices and meets, the new friends they made, the excitement of the competitions and the successes and disappointments they shared with fellow teammates, coaches, and family.

The Dublin Green Gator Swim Team believes that a winner is not just the one who finishes first in a race. It is much more than that; it is a lifelong attitude. Through the competitive experience, everyone can become a "winner" by striving towards individual goals and ultimately achieving them. Being the best is not as important as trying your best.