Miles River Yacht Club Swim Team :


Follow the enrollment instructions below. If anyone in your family has even been a member of the MRYC Swim Team, please sign in to the site by clicking the SIGN IN link at the top right of this screen. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. If you have forgotten you password you will be prompted to reset it.

The team is open to all swimmers ages 4-18 who can swim at least a half of the length of the pool (25 meters) without assistance. You DO NOT have to be a member of the club to join the team. Assessments for participating swimmers may be conducted at the first practice. If your child does not meet the minimum requirements, we will advise you accordingly.

Enrollment prices will remain the same as in 2021. Fees are $232 for the first swimmer in a family, then $157 for each additional family member. MYRC members pay $182 for the first swimmer and each additional family member cost $107. Limited scholarships are available on a first come basis.

The team practices evening from May 31 to June 16, 2022. Practices moves to mornings June 20 to July 22. Championship qualifiers will have an additional week of practice. The team will generally practice, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. There is an optional start and turn clinic most Monday mornings from 9-10 am There are swim meets most Monday and Thursday evenings from mid-June and July. There are some optional Saturday meets.

The MRYC swim meets are staffed by parent volunteers who also have fun and make friends in the process. We require one parent volunteer per meet (or in special circumstances behind the scenes). There is a job for everyone.

Children can participate in sailing or other camps and be a member of swim team as long as they can make at least half of the practices and meets.

Thanks you for considering our team. We look forward to another terrific year at MRYC. Please CONTACT US with any questions or concerns. Please see the "Handbook" tab above-right to read the MYRC Marlin Parent's Manual for more detail about the swim team.

1. From the homepage, go to the far right corner and Sign in to your account.
2. Update your account information. ALL INFORMATION IS REQUIRED (full parent names, addresses, home and cell phone numbers, etc.). Check the “member” information for your swimmers and update as necessary.
3. If you have forgotten your login information, PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. Please reset your username and/or password.
4. Once signed in, click the register button on the main page of the website. It’s to the right of the photo stream.
5. Enter your credit card information. Those families without credit cards must use Visa/MC debit cards.

New families can register from the main page of the website.
1. Click on the “register” button to the right of the photo steam.
2. Fill out all required fields and enter your credit card information. Those families without credit cards must use Visa/MC debit cards.
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