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The Holly Hills Swim Team invites all children of Holly Hills Country Club Members ages 4* - 18 to join the team for a summer of competitive and recreational swimming. The Holly Hills Swim Team participates in the Frederick County Summer Swim League which provides structured competition by age categories for both boys and girls events. We are in our 16th year of competition.

Our season begins at the end of May/early June and continues until the end of July. Practice schedules are flexible until the end of the school year at which time practice will be held weekday mornings at the Holly Hills pool. Typical years include a time trial, four dual meets, and a divisional meet. In addition, qualifying swimmers will be invited to participate in an All Star meet at the end of the season. (Please note that Divisionals and All Stars may not occur in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions)

We look forward to meeting all new swimmers!

*Frederick County Summer Swim League (FSSL) requires that all competing swimmers do so unassisted.
However, the Holly Hills Hurricanes would like all interested swimmers to join our team. That being
said, we must strike a balance between the number of coaches available to teach our younger
swimmers and the actual number of swimmers in the water.

Rather than set a minimum competency that could be exclusive, such as; being able to swim the length
of the pool unassisted, we suggest that your swimmer demonstrate their comfort in the water by:
entering the water willingly, being able to put their face in, blowing bubbles with their nose and showing
a desire to push off the wall and swim.

If you feel your child is ready for Swim Team, please register. We reserve the right to evaluate each
child during the first two weeks of practice (Memorial Day to End of School) and get with anyone we feel
requires more individual attention than the Swim Team can offer. We would then suggest your child
attend Swim Lessons to increase these abilities. Contact Laura Platner at [email protected] or Rachel Devine at [email protected]

If you already know your swimmer is not yet comfortable in the water but you think they will be at some
point this summer, you can also start with Swim Lessons. More information will be provided on this option.