Dearbought Devil Rays : Background-image

Hello Dearbought Devil Ray Families! Registration is OPEN for Summer Swim 2021!!! We are looking for DEARBOUGHT FAMILIES to volunteer and get involved in the operations of the team! If you are interested in joining our Dearbought Community Swim Team, please contact us @ or [email protected] Please continue to STAY SAFE!

The Dearbought Devil Rays Swim Team had its Inaugural Season in the Summer 2001. It has been a strong community tradition ever since. Our mission parallels that of the Frederick Summer Swim League(FSSL) which is to encourage informal, friendly team competition at the neighborhood pool level while providing our youth the opportunity to develop athletic skills, positive sportsmanship, and understanding of teamwork, and an appreciation for the relationship between effort and success in a wholesome and fair atmosphere.

The purpose of the Dearbought Summer Swim Team is to cultivate a sense of community, foster life long memories and have fun while creating quality swim instruction and personal fitness to young people from age four years to eighteen years of age.