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Cost for members is $100 with a $15 sibling discount and $125 for non members

Projected practice times for Mon-Wed are:

6-8 age group- 7-7:45pm
9-12 age group- 8-9pm
13-18 age group- 9-10pm
We will send finalized practice times as well as the plan for Saturdays when we know how many participants across the age groups we will have! Thanks so much!

Hey Foxes!

None of us could have possibly predicted this global pandemic that has altered the lives of so many. We want to unequivocally stress that the health and safety of our entire community is of the utmost importance to us. It has been our desire to bring a little Foxridge spirit to this incredible swim community and provide an opportunity to swim together in whatever capacity we are able to. We have developed a plan to commence The Foxridge Swim Conditioning Camp at the Foxridge pool. We know this concept may not be a good fit for everyone and we wholeheartedly respect and support the decision each family makes based on their specific circumstances and needs. You will be missed, but with us in fox spirit!

Registration is now open! Please carefully read over the liability waivers and the protocol we will be enforcing to ensure we do as much as we can to limit the spread of germs. We will continue to strategize best practices over the course of this week and send out an email with a finalized plan based on the number of participants. We are accepting cash and checks only, so go ahead and register now and then bring your payment on the day of the first practice.

We know the official swim team season was canceled and we cannot replicate all the components involved in making it so fun, special, and successful, but we hope to incorporate as many pieces in this camp, safely, that make our team so amazing!

A few quick notes: all participants must be able to swim on their own, follow all the new rules and regulations, and follow the directions of the coaches. Practices will be held Monday-Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Saturdays will be reserved for relays, donuts, cheers and some fun (all in small groups). Also, please consider ordering some super cute t-shirts and gear from the foxridge gear store link, there a lot of fun choices and the new logo is awesome!

Please keep in mind that our intentions are good and we will do our best to make this a great experience for all involved, however it will require patience, understanding and flexibility from all of us. Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces very soon! As always, reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Let?s get socially distanced R-O-W-D-I-E, that?s the way we spell rowdy :-),

The Foxridge Swim Team Parent Reps