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Winter Swim

Due to poor air quality and safety concerns winter swim is being delayed until we get a clean air report.

Winter swim will be a great opportunity for swimmers to improve their skills and get or stay in shape for the upcoming swim season. Training will focus on one stroke each week starting with freestyle and progressing each week through all the strokes. Coach Lynn and Coach Marlon will be leading the program with additional coaching staff as needed. Please register today!

Cost $380 for the winter season.
Program will run from November 13th through February 8th.

Mon - Thu (no swim Fridays)

  • 4-4:30 8 and under, new 9-10s
  • 4-4:45 9-10s, advanced 8 and under and new 11-12s
  • 4:45-6 11 and up or more advanced younger swimmers

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