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The AquaKnights welcomes returning Head Coach, Kimby Hirschi!

We are planning a modified season due to Covid19 restrictions. We will run practice from July 6-31, 2020. The season will consist only of practice to refine stroke and turn and maintain conditioning. There will be no meets or other group events this season. Join your teammates for some fun together nonetheless.

The AquaKnights participate in the Valley Foothill Competitive Aquatics League. The program is offered by the Rio Linda Elverta Recreation & Park District. Joining the team will provide your child an opportunity to experience safe and fun challenges both in and out of the water. In addition, our dynamic coaches will be providing excellent technical instruction along the way. If your child loves to swim, have FUN and desires to be part of a strong team atmosphere, the Rio Linda Elverta AquaKnights Swim Team is the right place!