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We will be starting the swim season on Monday the 12th of April and the COVID restrictions will be the same at last year. For those who did not swim last year, here are the rules:

Deck Behavior -
Horseplay or other physical behavior on the deck will not be tolerated. Parents, please help us by communicating the expectation to maintain physical distancing before we start, particularly if you child struggles in this area. This swimming opportunity is a privilege. If guidelines are not followed, your child may be asked not to return. Speaking for the board and coaching staff, we wish circumstances were different, but given the existing state of affairs, we are trying to provide a safe opportunity for everybody to swim.

ENTRY and EXIT Instructions -
For practice, we will enter in the pool area by the office and the normal everyday door will be the exit. If you don’t need to be on the deck, please stay on the outside. If you do come into the deck area, please keep the number of people to a minimum. Families can wait in the park area for swimmers to finish. Swimmers will be assigned a lane when they check in.

ALL who are on deck must where a face covering. This is a requirement of using the pool. If there are issues with this requirement you and your swimmer will be asked to leave. If the situation warrants, you will be kicked off the team for the remainder of the summer. The team desires to provide the highest safety measures for all who are participating including the swimmers, coaches, volunteers, and families on deck.

Once the kids are done with practice, grab your stuff and go. THE SHOWERS AND LOCKER ROOMS ARE CLOSED AND NOT AVAILABLE. Hands must be washed upon entry and exit. We will have hand sanitizer available in those locations. Board members and volunteers will be there to help guide us through this process.


The Amador Polar Bears has a strong tradition of good citizenship, morality and sportsmanship. For greater than 50 years our team has passed along these values to the next generation of swimmers. Our commitment to excellence in swimming, team spirit and summer fun continue to be a positive influence on the children of Amador County.

As we are a non-profit, run by a board of volunteers, we strongly urge you to take part in our democratic organization and fundraising efforts.