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The NorCal Swim League board met on May 27th to discuss whether they could move forward with the swim season in light of COVID-19 restrictions. At that time the Board voted to cancel the 2020 Swim Season and the 2020 Championships.

At this time, the City, which operates the Jackson pool, is keeping the pool closed to the public due to budgetary reasons. There will be no "regular season" in terms of swim meets and end of the season championship but we have been given permission to have private practices for the APB swim team. See the registration tab for more information.


Hey swimmers - even through we're not able to get in the water, there is a ton of exercises you can do and videos to watch for some dry land exercises!! These will help keep you in swim shape as well as get some PE minutes in for your school. I also included some YouTube videos to watch for more ideas. I miss you all and won't throw my flip flops if you don't get everything done. Ha!

You will need an exercise band for the upper body. You can also use light hand weights instead of the band. Don't have either one? - younger swimmers can use a soup can.

For your core
Planks - good flat back position for at least 20- 30 seconds to start. Increase by 5 sec each week
Plank position and tap your toes; tap 10 times each leg and do both legs twice
Flutter kick on your back - kick 6-8" off the ground; for a challenge do this with your head and shoulders off the ground.

Upper Body
Push-ups starting flat on the floor, push yourself up and hold for 5 seconds. Lower yourself slowly back down. Do 10-20

Lower Body
Get out and walk or run or bike ride for 30 min or more
Jump rope for 5-8 minutes.
With your hands behind your head, squat down 1/3 way to floor and jump up reaching to the ceiling as you jump. Wait 5 seconds between each jump. Do 10-15
Toe risers...just like we did at the pool. Do 15-25

YouTube videos links:
30 Minute dryland workout for swimmers- Swimgym

Swim dryland exercises -strength and conditioning - Global triathalon Network
Part 1

Part 2

Swimming Dryland Workout you can do at home- Best Coaching Ltd

Total Body Dryland workout - MySwimPro

There are hundreds of videos you can search and do. Remember, start slow and easy and work up gradually! Good luck and I hope we can get in the water later this summer. Be safe and be healthy!!!

Coach Julia


The Amador Polar Bears has a strong tradition of good citizenship, morality and sportsmanship. For greater than 50 years our team has passed along these values to the next generation of swimmers. Our commitment to excellence in swimming, team spirit and summer fun continue to be a positive influence on the children of Amador County.

As we are a non-profit, run by a board of volunteers, we strongly urge you to take part in our democratic organization and fundraising efforts.