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Fall F-U-N ... Family, Friends & Fitness! This Spring & Summer, our Small-but-Mighty chalked up personal bests, surpassed goals, finished fourth at Champs, and closed out with excellent results at the Meet of Champs. Because we have been the smallest team in the top-tiered Comstock Conference for many years, in 2019 we're happy to announce that we'll be participating within Gold Rush. The numbers of our swimmers are now in closer parity, and the competition against these will be teams Mighty exciting!

Fall & Winter registration remains open, as there are varying rates for participation this season. Schedules, descriptions and costs are a click away. The team's Board and Coaches are always available for your assistance ... and already hard at work to kick off the New Year in Stingrays Style. Under the Coaches/Directors tab, you'll find each email address, and you're always invited to reach out for further information. "Heart & Soul to Reach Our Goal!" This we did throughout the Spring & Summer, and this we are doing throughout the Fall & Winter!

Please feel free to contact Head Coach Jeff Float at any time:, 916.638.7001 x553, or chat with him at the club. He's highly approachable and appreciates your input.


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