Allegra Butler beat her own week-old record in Girls 7/8 Freestyle. The Girls 7/8 25 freestyle record was previously set by Allegra on 5/16/15 at 15.85 and Allegra swam a 15.52 on 5/30.

Also on 5/30, Jackson Habermacher, Mathias Steiner, Maddox Birdsall, and Heger Davis broke the Boys 7/8 Freestyle Relay with 1:13.88! The previous record dates to 2006 and was 1:15.25.

The Girls 7/8 backstroke was previously set in 2013 by Hayden Miller at 20.68 and Allegra swam a 20.48. Congratulations, Allegra!

Champions Park Stars is a family-oriented swim team whose goal is to give young people in the Champions Park and neighboring subdivisions a place to nurture their swimming skills. There is plenty of opportunity for our swimmers to see improvements in their abilities at swim meets held each Saturday during the second part of May and into June. We hold practices Monday through Friday, beginning in April and continuing through the final week of June. Our coaches strive to instill habits of hard work, integrity and teamwork so that the Champions Park swim team is a fun and successful experience. We accept children from the age of 4 through the age of 18. We practice daily from April through the end on June.

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