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Life Time Mid-Atlantic Club (LIFE) would like to welcome all new and returning swimmers and families to our summer swim team program, The Barracudas. We are excited to kick-off the eleventh season of The Barracudas, offering the opportunity for our members ages 18 and under to swim in a summer league program. Our team is comprised of members from the Ashburn-Sterling and Centerville Life Time Athletic locations.

The Barracudas are a competitive summer swim team that participates in the Old Dominion Swim League (ODSL). ODSL is a developmental league with a primary focus of growing a love for swimming in young swimmers. There are 34 swim teams and over a thousand families that participate in the ODSL.

The Barracudas summer swim team program is associated with Life Time Mid-Atlantic Club Swim Team. The Barracudas is divided into four practice squads: Yellowstripe Barracudas, Sharpfin Barracudas, Sawtooth Barracudas, and Blackfin Barracudas.

Interested in becoming a Barracuda? Try-outs are held weekly. Swimmers will be placed in the practice squad that meets both their age and skill level. This ensures that all swimmers are benefiting from the time they have in the pool. Please see the practice squad tab for practice squad descriptions and requirements.

Become a Barracuda and join in on the fun!