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Dear ODSL Swimmers & Parents,

It is with deep regret that I inform you that we will not hold ODSL Sanctioned meets this
summer. We arrived at this decision on Friday, May 1st during a WebEx call where a majority of the team representatives who were on the call voted to cancel the 2020 Season.

Over the past couple of weeks, the ODSL Board have been reviewing the most up to-date information provided by Virginia Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Governor Northam?s Phased Reopening Plan.

A few things became clear.
1-Social distancing guidelines are here to stay.
2-Face masks are a recommendation
3-Group size limitations. The current limit is a group size of 10 people, this could be increased but not enough to conduct a swim meet.
4-This virus KILLS (although the percent to total population is relatively small)
5-The way that this virus is spread is not conducive to conducting a swim meet
? Respiratory Transmission (how many of our swimmers whether sick or not cough,
sneeze in the team area)
? Contact transmission. (Think about the amount of paper and items that we all must
handle timer sheets, stop-watches, DQ slips pens, pencils?etc. that would have to be
sanitized prior to handing off to another person)
6-Putting 1 of our 3200 swimmers and 6000 parents at risk of catching this horrible virus far outweighs the benefit of conducting summer swim meets which, currently, we ALL need.

On behalf of the ODSL Board please stay safe, keep your families safe and we will come back stronger and better in 2021.


The Viperfish Swim Team is a non-profit organization. Our competitive swim team program is made up of both residents of Loudoun II Valley and surrounding neighborhoods. We are a family focused team made up of over 50 families and more than 100 swimmers who are excited for the upcoming season. We depend on our families to volunteer in order to make the most of the season.

This is our ninth season competing in the Old Dominion Swim League (ODSL). ODSL is a developmental league with a primary focus on growing a love for swimming in young individuals. There are 34 swim teams and over a thousand families that participate in the ODSL.

The Viperfish Swim Team is devoted to its swimmers. Our goals are to have swimmers improve their technique, have lots of fun, and encourage personal growth. We are dedicated to challenging each individual on the team, no matter their level of experience. The Viperfish have team bonding activities scheduled into the season to promote lasting friendships and a lifetime of memories. We plan to challenge swimmers and instill confidence they can use both in and out of the water. We want every swimmer to LOVE swimming and themselves.

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