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Welcome to the Loudoun Valley II Viperfish Summer Swim Team!

The Loudoun II Valley Viperfish Inc is a non-profit organization exclusively devoted to the promotion of swimming enjoyment for residents of Loudoun II Valley residents. We are a developmental and competitive team striving to provide all team members with safe and quality swim training that is challenges their abilities. We seek to promote the recognition of swimming as a life-long activity, which can contribute significantly to the physical and emotional growth and development of swim team members through healthful exercise and good competition.

This is Viperfish's seventh year and we are again participating in the Old Dominion Swim League (with over 26 other teams and 1000 families). Our team is over 100 strong with a great group of young swimmers! We welcome all participants who meet our eligibility requirements. We seek and require parental involvement as volunteers to make our team a success. We are a family focused organization that is run by volunteers who care about the long-term growth of our community swim team. Come join the fun!

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