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Meadow Mini Results
A special congratulations to two of our swimmers for scoring the most points in the meet for their age group. 6 year old girl Isabella Smith and 6 year old boy Miles Gaffney earned High Point Awards by placing first in all of their events at the meet. Tanner Schmitt also placed second in overall points for the 6 year old boys age group. Great job!
Other top three finishers in an individual event are below which is a remarkable honor as well. Thank you, and keep up the awesome swimming gators!
Isabella Smith (6 year old girl) - 1st in free, 1st in back
Miles Gaffney (6 year old boy) - 1st in free, 1st in breast
Tanner Schmitt (6 year old boy) - 1st in fly, 2nd in back
Jewel Mendiola (8 year old girl) - 1st in free
Kaia Bonham (7 year old girl) - 2nd in breast
Kendall Lee (7 year old girl) - 3rd in back

Bottoms Up Results
A special congratulations to 15 year old Cambell Strand who was awarded high point for his age group. Also, congratulations to 9 year old Amanda Kayari for earning third place for overall points in her age group. Below are our swimmers who placed in the top 3 in an individual event which is a remarkable accomplishment in such a competitive meet. Great job to all gators who participated in the meet! Keep up the fast swimming!

Cambell Strand- 1st in IM, 1st in free, 1st in fly
Amanda Kayari- 1st in fly, 2nd in free, 3rd in IM
Kendall Lee- 2nd in fly, 3rd in back
Kate Skwarecki- 2nd in IM, 3rd in fly

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