Spring Stroke Clinic registration is now open!
This year spring clinics begin at the end of February and run right up until the first day of preseason. There are four weekday clinic options and one weekend clinic option. There are Learn to Swim Lessons for beginning swimmers only during the weekend times which begin in the middle of March.

Space is limited, especially for the weekday clinics, so register right away to guarantee your spot.
League and County rules limit a swimmer to 15 hours of spring clinics before the season starts. ​
Below are the maximum options for swimmer participation:

  • A swimmer can register for all four weekday clinic sessions.
  • A swimmer can register for two weekday sessions and the one weekend session.
  • A swimmer can do less than these options as well such as only participating in one or two clinics.

    Summer Season registration opens March 1st.

    Save the date! OMPA is Aug 5-7, 2016

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