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February 26, 2021

On April 26th, 2021 we are running our first ever Golf Tournament Fundraiser for the DRA Pool. If you do not want to play or sponsor and just want to donate, there is an option on the website to donate. Also, this is not limited to pool members or swim team members. If you know any golfers who want to participate, please send them the website to sign up. .


MCSL Executive Board Regarding 2021 Swim Season

February 11, 2021

When we convened almost one year ago, we were all hopeful for a return to a traditional swim season in 2021. That remains our hope. We are aware, however, that the MCSL is subject to rules and restrictions put forth by the county and the state government as they pertain to the coronavirus pandemic. Though COVID-19 vaccines provide optimism regarding the end to this global pandemic, the timing of a return to “normal” is still unknown. We simply do not have a clear understanding of the situation and restrictions that will be in place during the upcoming season.

What we can tell you is that the MCSL Executive Board is committed to holding a 2021 season. At this time, we do not know exactly what that season will look like. We would love to return to traditional swim competition as in the past, but we must consider that the format of our competitive season may need to be altered.

The Board has been looking at and discussing the various formats under which we could conduct our season this summer. Until we have more clarity as to the restrictions under which we will be operating, we cannot answer questions as to what the exact format of the season will be as it pertains to not only dual meets, but also divisional and championship meets. At the very least, we expect to have a virtual dual meet season.

Though the pandemic and the vaccination process are changing and evolving, and we are unable to make any firm decisions regarding season 2021, we are planning a way forward. In conjunction with our Coaches Advisory committee, and on behalf of our member teams, we will be engaging in dialogue with the MOCO Dept. of Health to determine our options for holding practices and meets. We will take the lead in providing operating scenarios for the county to review. We hope for clarity at the earliest date, but it may be unlikely that we will have final answers regarding this summer’s season before April.