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Dear Rockshire Sharks,

We hope that this finds you, your family and your friends safe and healthy.

It is with a heavy heart that Talley & I report that Montgomery County Swim League ("MCSL")as decided to cancel the 2020 season. The finality of it all saddens us, as summer swim is a time for both kids and their families to come together as one. That said, we are not surprised by MCSL's decision given the many issues COVID-19 presents in keeping our community safe ? both during practices and at swim meets.

Our swim team board has met numerous times to contingency plan and we have decided on the following:

The league is making provisions for graduating swimmers that Rockshire will support. If you have a swimmer that is graduating, please contact us for more information.

We will continue to examine the feasibility of a 'practice only' season at Rockshire based on if / when the pool opens. It would be implemented on our own, outside of the purview of MCSL. Factors that we are considering include:
Can we assure ourselves and the community that we can operate safely?
Will there be enough interest from families?
Will the work schedules of our coaches outside of summer swim accommodate it?
If we are able to implement a "practice only" program, we do know the following today:

We will have to cap the number of swimmers who participate.

The skill level required to participate in the program will likely be more stringent than it has been in years past. Additionally, there will be no Pre-Team this year. We do not see how we can properly socially distance while ensuring the utmost safety of our swimmers and coaches otherwise.

We will only be able to offer morning practices.

Prices / dates / logistics and the ability to hold a ?practice only? season are TBD.

Even if it doesn't resemble a traditional season, we hope to get the kids back in the water and swimming this summer!!!

Please continue to stay safe and healthy. We hope to hear from you soon.


Eric & Talley