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A Message from the TAZ Board of Directors:
Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, the Suburban Swim League has officially made the decision to cancel the 2020 swim season. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has not eased the health and safety guidelines issued by the State of California to move forward with a full season.

What does this mean for TAZ? Without a facility or sign off from local and state health officials, we cannot move forward with a regular season as hoped. Although the League has granted teams the ability to move forward individually - host practices or clinics following USA Swimming guidelines - we do not have that option just yet. We don?t know what, if anything, we will be able to offer swimmers and families this summer.

We will continue to monitor the situation, work with the CSD and provide you with our next steps in two weeks. Part of that decision obviously will be refunds for the season, which we expect to begin processing once we make a final decision on if we?re going to try to offer any sort of practices / clinics / or technique training this summer. Anybody in need of a refund immediately, please contact us directly and we?ll get it processed ASAP.

Our next update will come out by no later than 5/18. We know this has been hard on all of our swim families, and especially the kids themselves, who are so looking forward to not just being back outside, but with their friends and in the pool doing what they love. We are with you feeling the loss of what we hoped was going to be another outstanding season for TAZ.