Cary Park Sea Dragons :



Now Accepting Applications for 2019 Sea Dragon Coaches!

   Please email introduction and resume by January 21, 2019 to!

Seeking new Sea Dragon Board Members!

    Please email if interested!  We may have just the position for your interest!!

Early Bird Cary Park Swim Club and Sea Dragon Registrations in March 2019!

    Join Cary Park Swim Club paid and postmarked by March 15 for lower rates!!

    Cary Park Sea Dragon swimmer registration to open in March! Accounts will be approved after Cary Park Swim Club membership has been confirmed with Elite Management.

2019 Sea Dragon Season

    May 13  - Practices Begin

    April 28 - First Suit Fitting

    June 1 - Time Trials

    June 11 - First Dual Meet

    July 13 - Cary City Swim Meet

    July 20-21 - TSA Championship Meet

    July 23 - Sea Dragons Awards Banquet and End of Season

CONGRATULATIONS 2018 CARY PARK SEA DRAGONS - 5th overall (out of 30 teams) - A job well done at Cary City!!

CONGRATULATIONS 2018 CARY PARK SEA DRAGONS - 5th place overall (out of 45 teams) - A job well done at TSA Championships!!