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Programs Supported

The Minnetonka Anchor Club was formed in 2008 as a booster organization for Minnetonka's aquatics programs. It is rooted in a group of parents and community members who, in the early- to mid-2000s, identified a strong interest in competitive and recreational aquatics programming in Minnetonka, and realized that support for new facilities and programming was needed to achieve the community's potential to be a national leader in the aquatics community.

INSPIRE * More than 400 volunteers have helped lead Minnetonka Aquatics towards becoming a national standard for community aquatics.

BUILD * The Anchor Club, in partnership with the Minnetonka School District, helped to provide vision and leadership in designing and building the Minnetonka Aquatics Center.

SUPPORT * The Minnetonka Anchor Club is committed to supporting aquatics programming through fundraising, volunteer development, and facility planning.