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Congratulations to Coach Bryan and his wife Vanessa on the birth of their second son, Weston Rivers Haile born on 9/2/2016! Welcome to the team Little Weston.

Be a part of the RAA Swim Team! We are happy to welcome eager swimmers to try-out for one of the top swim programs in the Inland Empire. We offer several training groups designed to accommodate any swimmers age 5 and up at any ability level at Sippy.
Join us on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 3:45pm, at the Sippy Woodhead Pool for a try-out. Just find one of our friendly coaches on deck and they will be happy to help. We're looking forward to meeting you!

All swimmers, new and returning will need to register using our new On-Line Registration Platform!

In addition to swim team programs, RAA also offers Learn-to-Swim Program at the Sippy Woodhead location.

Contact Information:
P.O Box 1193
Riverside, CA 92502
(951) 784-5607