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The Wahoo Aquatic Club is a year-round swim team that is committed to the development of the whole child. Through highly engaged coaches and a positive environment, we provide opportunity for each swimmer to reach his or her potential.

As with many sports, our team will focus on stroke technique, physical readiness and mental preparation. But the Wahoo approach will also address parallels between obstacles in swimming and those outside the pool; how to plan for and achieve success; and how to navigate failure.

Our vision for the Wahoos is to keep our team small and keep the focus on the child. Throughout the season, our team will stay consistent and cohesive, never placing competitions or rivalries above our swimmers.

2021-2022 Season:
Invitations to join the Wahoo Aquatic Club will be communicated on July 27 via email.

Contact Us:

Mary B. Shaw, Head Coach, [email protected]
Tara Boone, Technical Adviser, Swimmer Development, [email protected]