The Oceanside Swim Club prioritizes Family, Education, and Swimming. The goal at Oceanside Swim Club is to create an enthusiastic training environment that provides mentally and physically stimulating workouts to a diverse group of athletes ages 4 and up while we adopt, align, and implement the United States Swimming core objectives of Service, Educate, and Build. (Build the base, Promote the sport, Achieve competitive success). Whether you are a first time swimmer or an Olympic medalist it is our priority to assure that each member, regardless of ability level, gets the most out of their investment and commitment to our program. We accept athletes with reverence.

The Oceanside Swim Club objectives:
1. Encourage and promote improved physical fitness and health.
2. Inform the local community of OSC swimming.
3. Promote fellowship and camaraderie among members.
4. Educate athletes on current issues in the psychology, physiology, and sociology of swimming.

Workouts are 90 minutes to 2 hrs long and time is set aside for warm up and warm down. Variety is a huge component of the daily, weekly and monthly training plan. Workouts are designed to mix various speeds, strokes and repeat distances while providing the proper conditioning for all of our athletes regardless of their competitive background or focus (improving overall fitness, triathlons, open water events, sprint and distance).

Sessions are planned to emphasize intensity and quality as opposed to pure volume. Sprint sets and longer swims will be included in workout plans along with technique work, drilling, and pulling. During freestyle sets there will always be an option to add stroke work in and vice versa. Free or Drill options will be given for swimmers at more intermediate levels during stroke and Individual Medley sets.

Good communication is essential. Athletes are encouraged to communicate to the coaching staff any upcoming events they are attending. Athletes training for upcoming competitions such as Junior Olympics, Westerns, A, B, and C meets will have the ability to work with the coach in adjusting the workout in order to provide the best opportunity for success as long as these adjustments don't disrupt the rest of the training lane or group as a whole.

We value HEALTH AND FITNESS, constantly challenging ourselves to achieve, in competition and in accomplishing our own goals.
We value RESPECT for our teammates, competitors, coaches, employees, and volunteers.
We value FUN, enjoying camaraderie with our fellow swimmers and embracing swimming as a joyful and satisfying avocation.
We value LEARNING through coaching, programs, and communication.
We value EXCELLENCE in safety, education, innovation, performance, leadership, and the provision of services and programs.

All of our coaches, as members of the American Swimming Coaches Association, have the ability to train athletes technically with a unique approach to swimming and training as one of their best attributes. All coaches are required to possess a thorough knowledge of swimming fundamentals, an eye for talent, a genuine care for athletes, and the ability to communicate and motivate.

OSC is a nonprofit club, run by an elected Board of Directors which meets each month. All members are welcome at each meeting and encouraged to be involved in team activities and fundraisers.