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The International "Water-Disk" Game

SKWIM, The Game, provides a new, aquatic advantage in team sports by combining the best elements from games like  soccer, ultimate and hockey, into an all new water-disk game adaptable to a variety of water venues and age groups.  

This You Tube footage was filmed by P.E. teachers of a Southern California middle school PE class at the conclusion of a 4-week introductory P.E. unit.  SKWIM is easy to learn and fun to play, no matter what your aquatic experience.  


The Emerging Water-Sport, SKWIM, progresses with your ability, from an engaging, learn-to-swim game to an exhilarating, competitive water sport. Adaptable to shallow and deep water play in pools, lakes, or marinas, SKWIM is a strategic and socially interactive sport played at all levels, from childhood throughout adulthood. Truly a lifetime game, SKWIM attracts competitive athletes, families, new swimmers and seniors. Surf our site and catch the wave of the growing number of SKWIM locations around the US, Hong Kong, and Greece.