Located in Pocatello, Idaho our team is called Portneuf Valley Swim Team and our mascot is the Kraken (formerly Tiger Aquatic Club). The Kraken is a fearsome sea monster/giant squid. We are in the process of major website changes. Check back frequently.

FALL REGISTRATION: We will be doing in person registration Tuesday, and Wednesday, August 23 and 24 from 4-7pm at the Presbyterian Church on 7th and Lewis in the Whitman room. We will have signs up so you know where to go. Enter the church across from park on Lewis Street. Go through double wood doors and then head downstairs. Please make every effort to attend. We have free t-shirts and latex caps for swimmers. We will have order forms available to purchase new gear. We will pass out tickets for our Applebee's fundraiser. Plus, it will give the board and our new coach, Nolan Morrell, a chance to get to know you and for you to get to know us and have all of your questions answered. If you absolutely can't attend, please email us and we will figure something out.

NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION: Please come to open tryout on Tuesday, September 6 at the rec center at 3pm and we will have in person registration after practice September 6 and 7. Thanks!
Boise Y Thanksgiving Invite
Nov 18, 2016 (04:30 PM) - Nov 20, 2016