North East Aquatic Team (NEAT)

NEAT Mission

The mission of the North East Aquatic Team is to offer children an opportunity to be a part of a competitive swimming
program and provide the best learning environment possible for every swimmer to achieve success.

NEAT Philosophy

NEAT is organized to offer a competitive swimming program for children, which also provides instruction and training throughout their lifetimes. NEAT offers professional instruction for swimmers of all ability levels. Swimmers are
grouped based upon skill proficiency, training ability, and age. All children grow and develop at different rates. Therefore
the rate of progress in terms of skill mastery will be different for each child. We encourage swimmers to attend practice as
often as they can. Some of the practice groups do have attendance requirements. NEAT realizes that children are often
involved in multiple activities and encourage children to explore as many extra curricular activities that meet their interests. However, each workout that is missed will affect your child's ability to master swimming skills. We encourage parents to be active within the program and to ask questions when they have concerns about their child?s growth and development in the sport.

The North East Aquatic Team is operated by the North East Independent School District. NEAT is also an active member
of the Alamo Area Aquatic Association (AAAA).