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​ 2020 Registration is open all year.

Swim Ohana is founded upon a single driving force, ​"It's All About The Kids". 
​ We are intent upon developing a swim program offering learn to swim, fitness swim, competitive age group and master swim programs within a family friendly environment.

We aspire to build a truly unique team. Utilizing innovative techniques, every athlete can expect a full experience, including:

  • ​In water mechanics

  • ​Base work and race skills daily based on age, skillset, natural ability, and individual goals

  • ​Drylands incorporating the development of functional stability and strength through general athleticism, core work, and stroke specific routines

  • ​Nutrition education for training, recovery, and performance

  • ​And the best sports psychology practices

  • ​All of this will be within a culture built upon encouragement, trust, and commitment between staff, athletes, and families.

    Long Course 2022 Meet Schedule
    Mar 21, 2022 - Aug 31, 2022