Ashwaubenon Swim Club : Background-image

Welcome to Ashwaubenon Swim Club (ASC), which offers year round competitive swimming to swimmers of all ages! ASC is a non-profit association organized for educational and competitive purposes to promote the development of competitive swimming skills, an appreciation of the sport of swimming, development of a positive self-concept, the development of safety awareness in competitive swimming and the development of skills necessary for goal setting. The philosophy of the program is to develop strong technique in the water, while developing endurance, strength, and speed, both in the water and with dry land activities. The vision of Ashwaubenon Swim Club is to emphasize the importance of swimming as a year-round sport in the community, as a method for providing physical, mental and emotional growth opportunities for youth.

Ashwaubenon Swim Club
P.O. Box 28246
Green Bay, WI 54324