Beloit Tide Swim Team : Background-image

Our team is a year round competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to provide every member an opportunity to improve swimming skills and achieve success at his or her level of ability.

With the commitment from SDB Administration and from the BMHS Coaches year round, kids that are participating in this program will have the opportunity to know their future Middle School and High School Coaches from the first time they get into the pool until they graduate from High School.

City of Beloit Tide Swim Team Values:

Respect: For the sport, swimmers, coaches, parents, and all those involved

Family: Create a healthy and fun atmosphere for families to come together

Excellence: Building confidence through excellence in sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill development

Community: Enhancing the quality of our community through the sport of swimming

Strong Bodies ~ Focused Minds ~ Competitive Spirits ~ Future Leaders!