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Welcome to the Green YMCA Barracudas Swim Team!

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Practices for 3 o'clock Group & HS PM Start Wednesday, Sept. 16
All other groups begin Monday, Sept. 21

We are a YMCA run swim team with a USA Swimming sanction. Our success is only possible with the help of our parent volunteers. The team runs smoothly with the help of all families; please see our volunteer area for more info on our parent volunteer requirements.
New Swimmer Requirements:

Swimmers 8 years old and younger must be able to safely swim without stopping, 1 length of the pool freestyle (front crawl) with their face in the water, and 1 length on their back.

Swimmers ages 9 and over must be able to safely swim 2 lengths of the pool demonstrating freestyle with their face in the water with rotary breathing (breathing to the side), and 2 lengths on their back.

Contact Coach Bev at for more information.