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Sewickley Diving Academy-Moon/Airport Location- 2019 Summer Season

Sewickley Diving Academy- Moon/Airport Location

After numerous community requests, we are pleased to announce that Moon Aqua Club is contracting with Sewickley Diving Academy, an AAU registered diving club, to introduce a new Moon Diving Program offering.  The program will be fully operated and directed by Head Diving Coach & Program Director- Becca Kirby!  Please review the new program and schedule details below.  

Becca is an AAU certified diving coach and offers an expanded experience of coaching and diving programs of all levels.   Becca was a competitive diver throughout high school, college, and at the club level.  As a trained diver herself, Becca has extablished and built a cohesive program that will support all levels of divers ranging from entry-level lessons to championship finalists. 

  • You must be an active AAU member to participate in our diving program.  If you are not already a registered member of AAU, you will need to register by going to, choosing "join AAU, Get Membership, choose diving, and Sewickley Academy Diving (Club Code: WY7T3D) in your registration.  Attached is a registration link for your convenience:  AAU Sports Registration Link  .  *If the club code is not attached to your AAU membership, you woud not be able to practice. 
  • The AAU youth athlete membership costs $14 and annual membership runs from Sept 1 - Aug 31

Requirements for Diving Levels:

  • Group C: Open to Anyone
  • Group B: Front Dive, Tuck Front 1 SS, Tuck Back Dive, Any Dive in the Twisting Category
  • Group A: Front Dive, Tuck Front 1 SS, Tuck Front 1 1/2 SS, Tuck Back Dive, Tuck Back Somersault, Tuck Inward Dive, Tuck Reverse Dive, Tuck Front 1 SS 1 Twist, High School Divers with at least One Year of High School Diving

Experience Cost (Packages):

  • Group C (1 hr):    Single Practice: $20;   Four Pack: $75;     All Summer - $145
  • Group B (1-2 hr): Single Practice: $25;   Four Pack: $90;     Eight Pack - $165;   All Summer - $295
  • Group A (2 hr)     Single Practice: $30;   Eight Pack: $175;   All Summer - $345

Practice Format: * Tryout date Thursday June 13th

  • Wednesdays @Settlers:     
    • Group A:                 Water- 8:30-10:00;             Dry Land- 10:00-10:30 
  • Thursdays @Settlers:         
    • Group A & B:          Water- 8:30-10:00;             Dry Land 10:00-10:30 
  • Saturdays @Settlers:
    • Group B&C:           Water- 8:30-9:45
    • Group A:               Water- 9:45-11:15
  • For Additional Questions, please e-mail our Head Diving Coach, Becca Kirby at
Click HERE to register for the Sewickley Diving Academy- Moon/Airport Program

We look forward to having you join the Sewickley Diving Academy- Moon/Airport location and are excited to launch this new program at Moon this season!