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2019-2020 PEAQ-CV Site Developmental AND/OR Junior Varsity Registrations

Open for Returning Members

8/30/19 - 12/31/19

Open for New Members

8/30/19 - 12/31/19

195 Members


Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics - CV Site / 2019-2020 Developmental AND/OR Junior Varsity Registrations

Welcome to the Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics - CV Site Developmental and/or Junior Varsity Registrations for the 2019-2020 swim season.  We are currently accepting new and returning members.  Below is information regarding the 2019-2020 swim season fees.  Please take the time to review this carefully before registering your swimmer(s).  Any questions, please contact info@peaqpgh.org


NEW MEMBERS will need a coach-conducted evaluation before registering.  Please click here for a site specific coach contact list to schedule one.

RETURNING MEMBERS (INCLUDING SHARKS SWIMMERS) please click here for a list of 2019 group assignments.


Once you have completed the online registration and payment, you will gain access to your private account on the PEAQ website. Please note, you will not have immediate access to the website. You registration will need to be approved by our team administrator before you will be able to log in using the email and password you created.  This may take a few days.




1.  Club Annual Dues -

    DEVELOPMENTAL (ages 5-10):  $320 for the season (October - March).  If you choose the deferred payment plan (see below), your total registration fee will be $345.  

    JUNIOR VARSITY (ages 11-14):  $470 for the season (October - March).  If you choose the deferred payment plan (see below), your total registration fee will be $495.

     Multi- swimmer Discount - There is no multiswimmer discount for developmental or junior varsity registration.

     Deferred Payment Option - Dues are paid by credit or debit card and can be either: 1. paid in full at the time of registration OR 2. 50% paid at registration, and 50% paid on December 1, using the Deferred Payment Plan. The Deferred Payment Plan option includes a surcharge of $25 per swimmer.  The Deferred Payment Plan is not available for Alumni registration.

     Non-Refundable - Dues are non-refundable except for new swimmers which have a two-week trial period.

     Mid-Season Dues - On January 1, 2020, dues will be pro-rated by 50% for new members.  No further discounts will be given at any other time of the year.

2.  AMS/USA Swimming Registration Fee - $81 per swimmer.

3.  PEAQ Caps/T-Shirts - Swimmers will receive two personalized silicone PEAQ caps and two PEAQ t-shirts as part of the cost of registration.

4.  Fundraising Fee – Developmental and Junior Varsity swimmers are not required to fund raise.

5.  Volunteer Hours – Developmental and Junior Varsity families are not required to volunteer.

6.  Meet Fees, Equipment, Clothing, and Other Expenses - Fees for ongoing expenses will be invoiced on the first day of each month through your Club account when charges are incurred by the member family.  A list of required equipment for each group can be found on the website, or you can consult with your swimmer's coach for more information.