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Summer Registration- South Hills Country Club

Open for Returning Members

6/20/20 - 8/30/20

Open for New Members

6/20/20 - 8/30/20

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Hello Swimmers and Parents. 

We are excited to get back in the water.  We appreciate everyone’s willingness to the change in procedures and venue.  Please be sure to read the procedures for COVID swimming below.  Most important to note is swimmers must arrive and leave in their swim gear. No locker rooms are available. Masks must be worn going in and out of the building.  In addition, for the safety of fellow swimmers and their families, do not send your child to swim if they are sick or may have been exposed to anything contagious. 


Please note:

This is an outdoor pool.  Weather cancellations could come into play.  Be sure you are on remind with coach Christian for any need last minute changes (If you are not on remind send a text to 81010 with @ah2cfa  as the message)

The fee for the summer is $300.00. Cash or checks (payable to SPAC) are accepted.  You must register on Team Unify and Sign the waivers before first practice.  We will have waivers on hand the first few nights, but we do prefer the electronic signatures.

Practices will occur at The South Hills Country Club located at 4305 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236.  As we receive directions for entrance to the facility, we will pass that info along.

Practice Dates and Times: 

First day is this coming Tuesday (June 24th) the last day will be August 22nd

              Sundays          7:30-9:30

Tuesdays        7:30-9:30

Wednesdays   8:30-9:30


>>>>>>>PLEASE READ<<<<<<<<

South Park Aquatic Club

Return to Action COVID-19 Safety Plan


This plan has been put together for the safety of the athletes and staff.  We hope that this plan will answer many of your concerns and questions. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact us.


There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans using pools, hot tubs or spas, or water playgrounds. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools, hot tubs or spas, and water playgrounds should inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.

~ Center for Disease Control, 2020

According to the CDC statement above, there is no current evidence that shows the virus can be transmitted in the water. However, we will do our absolute best in these current times to ensure the safety of our members by practicing social distancing guidelines and recommendations. The South Hills Country Club protocol is laid out below, and as new information and guidelines are released, we will update our protocol to stay current.



Continuing to follow current guidelines, all swimmers should maintain social distance of 6 feet when arriving and departing and at any time on the pool deck. Swimmers will also be spaced out in the water to follow social distancing guidelines. Coaches will be wearing masks on deck at any time when 6 feet of space is not possible.

They may remove their masks when the swimmers are in the water but will have them readily available so replace them as necessary.


It is imperative that all members are aware of the inherent dangers of Covid-19. Covid-19 is a dangerous disease “that is thought to be spread person to person mainly through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Spread is more likely when people are in close contact with one another. Older adults and those people with underlying medical conditions are thought to be at higher risk.”

Agreement Waiver

All swimmers must have a signed waiver on file. This signed waiver must completed online during registration or be given to the Coaches or board member prior to the first practice. If the waiver is not completed and handed in, the swimmer will not be able to enter the water.

Pool Drop off and Practice Preparation

Swimmers arrive 10 minutes early ready to begin practice. After leaving their vehicles, swimmers are to walk in separately, 6 feet apart. Parents are not permitted to attend practices.  Swimmers and designated adults ONLY are to be in the pool area. Swimmers arrive at the pool prepared to swim. No locker-rooms, showering or deck changing. Swimmers are to wear their suit to the pool. Swimmers will enter the pool via the entrance designated by the country club.  This can change based on club activities and will be announced as we receive direction.  Coaches will inform swimmers of where they will be starting in the pool and will be given guidance of where to put their equipment bags as well as where to leave their clothing. Swimmers will then immediately report to their assigned lanes and put their belongings at their assigned area.

Confirmation of Health

To help we follow safety protocols, parents will have signed a club waiver agreeing to keep home any swimmers exhibiting symptoms or anyone in the house has been exposed to Covid-19 or showing symptoms. When these swimmers are kept home, parents also agree to alert a coach and/or board member of their reported symptoms and agree to a self-quarantine from the team of up to 14 days.


The CDC has issued cleaning and disinfecting instructions for routine cleaning, high-touch surfaces, and community spaces. Adequate cleaning and disinfection will be done prior to the pool facility opening by the Country Club. Shared parts of the facility (specifically door handles, benches, etc.) will be wiped down after each group finishes.


Safety Personnel

Two-Three adult members with USA swim registrations will be on site at every practice in the facility. Where members are not certified swim coaches, there will be one certified swim coach as well as parent volunteers (number based on attendance) to help monitor the entrance and exit of the facility as well as that all safety precautions are being made.

On Deck

Social distancing guidelines must be followed whenever swimmers are out of the pool, on the surrounding deck, and when entering and exiting the facility.

In Water Spacing

To follow CDC social distancing requirements, swimmers can be spaced out into staggered starting positions within each lane.  When the opportunity allows, coaches will be running dry land training and water workouts simultaneously to lessen the in water population.       

Locker Room/Bathroom Usage

All locker rooms, changing facilities, and showers will be closed.  Bathrooms are only to be used when necessary and are not to be used for changing. Swimmers will arrive dressed to swim and will depart in their swimming gear. Bathrooms will be made available on an emergency basis only and will be wiped down after each use.  Because of changing guidelines and weather, we will revisit locker room use as it becomes necessary.

Safety and Cleanliness in the water

Because the corona virus is airborne it is imperative to enforce rules prohibiting spitting, nose blowing, or uncontrolled coughing into the water. If a swimmer needs to spit, they need to exit the pool and do so in a trash receptacle.  If a swimmer needs to blow their nose, they need to exit the water, blow their nose into a tissue, dispose properly of the tissue, and then wash or sanitize their hands before returning to the water.  Sanitizer will be available for the swimmers to use.  Anyone exhibiting abnormal or uncontrollable coughing will be removed from the water and asked to exit the facility and remain until their able to be picked up.


To diminish the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, there will be no sharing or loan of pool equipment, swim gear, towels, or other personal items around the pool. Swimmers should not bring their equipment to practice until instructed to do so.  The equipment will be sanitized after use by each group or the conclusion of practice.

Drinking Water

Each swimmer shall bring their own pre - filled water bottle to the facility.

Site Departure

Leave the facility as quickly as possible after practice. Use of locker rooms is prohibited. Wear your suit to and from practice. No gathering or social activity should take place on the pool deck or in the parking lot of the facility.


Dryland exercise will follow CDC social distancing guidelines.

Return to Action Plan Updates

This action plan will be updated and revised based on new information regarding Covid-19 and the corona virus from the CDC, local communities, and the Department of Health. Because of changing guidelines and weather, we will revisit locker room use as it becomes necessary.



Swim Safe Pool Management Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Center for Disease Control

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The National Parks and Recreation Association Department of Homeland Security

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