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2021-2022 Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/6/21 - 11/5/21

Open for New Members

8/16/21 - 9/17/21


Welcome new and returning swim families to the West Allegheny Aqua Club (WAAC) Electronic Registration Platform. We are excited for this upcoming swim season!

WAAC is a parent run competitive swim club that competes against other Pittsburgh based swim clubs. We encourage parents to get involved to build a fun welcoming community culture. For many years, WAAC has been known as a premier club with swimmers joining from West Allegheny School District, as well as, surrounding areas including Moon, Hopewell, Montour, Fort Cherry, and others. Our newer pool and facilities provide swimmers with an experience rivaled by few.

The registration process is simple for both new and returning members. Once registered, you will gain access to your own private account that will enable you to easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim stroke times, maintain your own contact information, and more. New swimmers should attend tryouts and get assigned to a swim level prior to registration. Registration payment method will be by credit card only to facilitate a streamlined electronic process. The WAAC Board of Directors, which consists of Parent volunteers, continues to evaluate club operations and costs to optimize swim family value. As such, several updates have been made to the registration process:

1. Registrants may choose to pay in full or four (4) payments. If the four-payment option is selected, the first payment is due at registration and the remaining (3) payments will be billed through auto-pay on September 1st, October 1st and November 1st.

2.Credit card payments do incur a processing fee. We continue to evaluate alternative payment methods to minimize cost. Unfortunately, mailed checks are no longer accepted as a form of payment.

3.We are pleased to continue offering a multi-swimmer family discount. 10% discount for families with 2 or more swimmers. Discounts will automatically be calculated at registration.

4. Back this season! A 5% reimbursement or credit will be given to families that have an "active official" for WAAC for the 2021/2022 season. (Reimbursement will be given at the end of the season if officials meet the USA/AMS requirements). If you are interested in becoming an official, please contact one of the board members.



2021/2022 SEASON




Training Tiers

Full Year



Full Year, only available for August sign ups


(4) Four Equal Payments


(Sept- Mar)

Fall/Winter, only available for August sign ups

(Sept- Mar)

(4) Four Equal Payments



Intro to

Competitive Swim


$100 X 4


$75 X 4 $160

Bronze (Ripples)*


$203.75 x 4


$122.50 X 4 $385

Silver (Breakers)


$223.75 x 4


$132.5 X 4 $445

Gold 6th grade and under (White Water)


$257.50 X 4


$158.75X4 $500

Gold 7th and 8th Grade (Tsunami)**


$307.50 X 4


$207.50 X 4 $545

Senior (High School Tsunami)***


$307.50 X 4


$207.50 X 4 $545

High School Pre-Season Conditioning****





* Bronze (Ripples) and Intro to Competitive Swim  are not required to have a team suit but may purchase one for a swimmer during team suit fittings in August. Intro to Competitive Swim does not participate in swim meets.  Bronze swimmers must have a solid black or red suit for meets if they don't purchase a team suit.

**There will be a $200 rebate for those Middle School Swimmers for the spring/summer session to be given out once the WA Middle School swim season begins, Courtney to provide a roster

***Senior (High School Tsunami) is for West Allegheny HS Team swimmers to condition with WAAC until the start of High School Season in November. They do not practice with WAAC during the High School season and can resume WAAC practice after the high school season has ended until the end of March. This group is required to have a team suit (included in the price) and participate in Swim meets per the coach's direction. Also, each Senior swimmer that completes a full HS Varsity season will have a $400 rebate toward their account, Courtney to provide that roster in March 2022. This does not apply to HS preconditioning swimmers.

**** High School Pre-Season Conditioning is for those who want to start conditioning before High School Varsity Season begins. They do not return to club until the following year, so just August to November.

*******Team suits are included in the price for Silver, Gold, and Senior groups.***********


*******Team suits are included in the price for Silver, Gold, and Senior groups.***********

West Allegheny Aqua Club Pricing does not include processing or USA Swimming/AMS Registration Fees.

USA Swimming/Allegheny Mountain Swimming (AMS) charges a yearly registration fee of $83.00. This fee will be charged at the time of registration and is not included in WAAC Pricing. The AMS Registration Year runs from September 1 to August 31 of the following year.

We look forward to having you join the West Allegheny Aqua Club and are excited for another great season!