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17-18 Competitive Swimming Registrati18

Open for Returning Members

7/10/17 - 4/25/18

Open for New Members

7/9/17 - 4/25/18


Welcome to the Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you easily to sign-up for jobs, maintain your own contact and payment information, and more.

You have previously received a letter from your coach and advising what group you are in.  

Any members who have a balance owing on the 16-17 year will not be able to register until full payment has been made.

If you are registering as a new Member, after your registration is approved by the office, you will receive a separately emailed Sign In instructions granting you access to your private online Account.

Upon registering, you will be asked for your Swimmer's shirt size, this does not mean you are confirming to purchase a t-shirt, this will come up later in registration, where you will be asked, the system just allows for us to ask, so easier.

Same with 'warm up pant sizes', really this is referring to SHORT sizes, again you are not confirming you will purchase, and you will be asked later on in the registration. If you order personalized swim caps, the assumption will be the last name to go on the cap, you must notify us if you want something else on the cap.

Note, any custom apparel, must be ordered at time of registration in order to receive current pricing, any 'one off's' that are ordered at a later date will be subject to a higher charge.  Refer to for what your group is required to have.

Please note that you have until August 31st to submit the following documents:

1.  Payment Plan and Membership Agreement Form - for your swimmer(s) specific group 

2.  Officials registration form for each official that will work on deck from your family. 

3.  Post Dated cheque for Sept 1st to include: Swim Ontario Insurance, Officials fee(s), Apparel Money, and 1st Instalment   

4.  If you choose to pay by cheque for each installment throughout the year, post dated cheques for the 1st of every month from October up until the last one in  May or June depending on your account form are also due with your package submission.

Please ensure to re-read the Policy documents under the Policy Documents tab on the website.  Even if you think your swimmer may never be injured, please read the medical policy.  As part of your registration for your swimmer, you have accepted that you have read these documents.  They will continue to be there for a point of reference as required by yourselves and the office and the policies will be used to run the organization. 

A couple of options for submission of these documents.

  1. Contact the office and make arrangements to meet
  2. Drop in the GMAC mail box at the University of Guelph – hallway leading to pool deck – on wall – ensure to email to advise you are dropping off
  3. Scan all documents and email to and send etransfer or provide credit card number for initial payments.  

Following online registration, documents that have not been received by August 31st, will require the member to begin the online process again.

We look forward to having you join the Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club and are excited for another great season!

Mary Gerrard

GMAC General Manager


PS Add to your calendar: Mandatory Parent Orientation Meeting September 9th 8:00-10:15am with a Timekeeper Clinic to follow 10:15-1115am for all new families, existing families who require, and any swimmer 12 and over who will work to complete the family hours. Essentially anyone who will volunteer at meets will be required to take this clinic if you have not already. 



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