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GMAC Outdoor Lifesaving Sport Day Camp

Open for Returning Members

2/4/18 - 8/6/18

Open for New Members

2/4/18 - 8/6/18


GMAC is offering for the 4th year, an Outdoor Lifesaving Sport Camp!  This runs ot of the Guelph Lake park from the boathouse.Dates: August 7-10th, 2018.

Athletes will participate in all events of Lifesaving Sport: board, run, swim, beach flags, etc. Lots of fun!  All skill levels welcome!  Something new to learn.

8&Unders will participate in the 1/2 day camp from 9am until 12:30pm each day and the cost will be $110.

9&Overs will participate from 9am-4pm each day and the cost will be $220

Bring: hat, sunscreen shorts, shirt, running shoes, bathing suit, towel, water, lunch, snacks! 

Here's a video of some of the kids at Provincials 4 years ago.  This will provide you with some of the activities they will participate in!

Please reach out should you have any questions

Mary Gerrard

Guelph Marlins