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2020-2021 GSH Swim Registration

Open for Returning Members

9/1/20 - 9/14/20

Open for New Members

9/4/20 - 4/1/21


2020 - 2021 Registration

Welcome to the Goulbourn Sea Hawks Electronic Registration platform for our new 2020 – 2021 Season.

Please take the time to read and understand every protocol, procedure and guideline of our program, before you start with the registration process.

Please also see the group schedules, fees, participation points program and all terms and conditions.

By checking the agreement boxes you are aware that you accept and will comply with everything stated, you will always be able to consult the information in our web page Return to Swim Guidelines section.

Our guidelines are made from the information that was provided by the club's governing bodies, the City of Ottawa, Ontario Life Saving Society, Ottawa Public Health, the Province of Ontario, Swim Ontario and Swim Canada, we need to be sure that the environment for every member is safe.

This program has been designed to allow our swimmers to continue building their swimming careers and be able to accomplish their goals.

The GSH number one priority of this program is maintaining the health and safety of every participant, while we provide high-quality swimming program.

General Program Information

  • Our season start on September 14th, 2020 and ends on June 26th, 2021
  • We will have 4 Groups of 24 swimmers each, Swimming at CardelRec. And 2 Groups of 16 swimmers each, Swimming at Richcraft.
  • For this season, our Group names are going to be 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6. We decided to name them with numbers, and not with our usual identification names, because we know that groups will be mixed with swimmer skills, groups are similar but not the same as other seasons.
  • We are going to start the season, separating each group into two cohorts and alternate some of the weekly practices, trying to balance the pool time that swimmers are in the water.
  • We will have every group start with four swimmers per double lane for the first two weeks of the program.
  • For the following two weeks (3 & 4), we will merge some of the swimmers from Cohort A to Cohort B and train on the six swimmers per double-lane format. Coaches will try to maximize as much as possible the use of the available and scheduled pool time per group. This will require a lot of schedule adjustments per session for every family.
  • We will incorporate both Cohorts after week four ONLY IF and WHEN WE get the City of Ottawa and Swim Ontario approval for that.

Schedules per facility

The Swim Calendar starting on September 14, is as follows

Swim practices at CardelRec

Swim practices at Richcraft

Yoga, Dryland and Motivational talks


No swimming activities description

Video analysis.

We will promote this activity with Group 1 & 2 once a month or every three weeks, but it will be integrated with the weekly Saturday practice.

We will be using the Lane Vision app by FINIS. And coaches will be filming the swims.

After that session, the Head Coach will do the analysis and then send the videos to the swimmer's parent/tutor. With comments and annotations.

More information about this program will be sent to the parents.

With the successful start of this activity we will try to integrate it with Groups 5, 3 and 6.

Dryland and Yoga.

All of our dryland and yoga practices are going to be virtual. (if something changes we will inform Swim Ontario to make the proper adjustment and authorization).

We are going to follow our procedures for virtual meetings and having at least one parent participating in the session and remind the athletes that while at home, they need to be in an open and observable area.

Motivational Talk.

We are planning to have once per week a different topic by different guests to motivate and educate swimmers and parents. This activity will also be a virtual session. We are planning to add issues like:

  • Nutrition
  • Injury prevention
  • Mental training/preparation
  • Cooking class (by the older swimmers in the club)
  • Olympic athletes or coaches to motivate swimmers and share life experiences.

NOTE: We are going to start with one per month and progress to bi-weekly and then a weekly talk. This is a program that still is on the design phase and will take some time to get it going.

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