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Mini Marlins Session Five

Open for Returning Members

12/16/20 - 4/1/21

Open for New Members

12/16/20 - 4/1/21

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Welcome to the Mini Marlins!

Thank you for joining the Mount Pearl Marlins Swim Team. We are excited to offer this 4 week program with Coach Joseph as an introduction to our team. Practices begin May 28 from 3:45-4:50pm. Swimmers should enter the building no earlier then 3:35pm. Generally parents are not permitted in the facility due to covid restrictions, however we are allowing one same gender parent per swimmer to go into the changeroom with the Mini-Marlins on the first day only, and have subtracted that person from capacity. If you are able to send your child alone please do so. Changerooms will only be used by Marlins during our times.

Covid Guidelines:

- Swimmers can only be in the building 10 mins before practice time.
- pick up within 20 mins of the end of practice. 
- email coach if sick or missing so we can keep track re: covid
- parents coming into changerooms, and swimmers, wear a mask when not in the water, bring ziplock to hold mask on deck..
- remind kids we have to be distant in the pool- even if in same car pool etc.
- don’t send kids if sick. Please let us know if your kids has a symptom of covid regularly- for example headaches or allergies. You can use your discretion and send them in this case but please be very cautious.
- swimmers with long hair should have it tied back or wear a swim cap. Swimmers should have goggles and a tight fitting swim suit. (one piece for girls please!)

Please email Keelin Tucker at [email protected]


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