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2021-2022 Members Registration

Welcome back to Middlesex Swimming!

Again we are pleased to offer our electronic payment processing and registration for members. Please carefully read through the information provided below before continuing onto the rest of the registration process to submit your registration to us for this season. 


Workout Schedule: 

The training schedules are available under "Our Program & Schedule tab" within our website for Swimming, Water Polo, and Masters as well as within the "Group Calendars tab". The schedules may change, so please check our website calendar and your email for updates or changes regularly.


Billing Of Fees:

You will be responsible for paying the 1st Monthly Fee as well as you or your athlete/athletes Swimming Annual Fee for insurance at the completion of this registration process.

Water Polo athletes will have to paid their annual fee later when registering with our governing body's (Ontario Water Polo & Water Polo Canada) through the new RAMP system that they have switched to this season. 

The Annual Fee is paid once a season. Our entire season runs from September 1st, 2021 to August 31st, 2022.

For the remainder of the 2021-2022 season all fees will be billed on a month to month basis to your credit care on file for ease.

Additional Registration Requirements:

Following your successful completion of Middlesex Swimming registration there will be some additional consent forms and waivers to fill out with our respective governing body's in both swimming and water polo for both age group and masters athletes.

Additional direction and information will be provided to you after the club approves your registration.

Failure to complete these additional requirements will results in you or your athletes not being allow to participate in practices. No refund will be provided to members for practices missed due to failure to complete these necessary requirements.

Middlesex Swimming Registration Instructions:

Step #1

  • Continue on to the next page and please enter or update your account information for our records.
  • Click "Continue" at the bottom right of the page to proceed.


Step #2

  • Fill out or update your account information for our records.
  • Click "Continue" at the bottom right of the page to proceed.


Step #3

  • Fill out any updates to your athlete's information
    • ​Please include or update your athlete/athlete's health card number within the "Medical Information/Notes" box
  • At the bottom of your athlete's information box you will see "Register to this Group". 
    • Please select the correct group that your athlete/athletes are supposed to be moving into this upcoming season.
    • If you are not sure, please contact Mackenzie Salmon at [email protected] for assistance.


Step #4

  • After reading through all of the agreements, please click the box at the bottom left of each agreement "I have read and agree to the above statement".
    • If you don't agree the agreements you will not be able to continue to complete your or your athlete/athletes registration.  
  • Click "Continue" at the bottom right of the page to proceed.


Step #5

  • Please check all of your information to ensure everything is accurate
  • Select your payment method:
    • We only accept Credit Cards


Step #6

  • Complete the necessary billing information to pay for your athlete/athlete's registration fees by credit card.             
  • Click "Submit Registration" to continue at the bottom right of the page.