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2020-2021 Team Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/25/20 - 9/30/20

Open for New Members

9/7/20 - 10/20/20

89 Members

Welcome to the Whitehorse Glacier Bears Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer a payment schedule and online registration. The process is simple and you will get access to your own private account (one per family).

New Members (ages 6 yrs & up) will be required to secure a swim group assignment AFTER completing a pool evaluation with our WGB coaches - Please email the club whseglacierbears@gmail.com your interest to attend possible September/October evaluations.  We do not have any evaluations scheduled at this time but will contact families that have expressed interest when we have times available.



1. Returning members can register ONLINE for our 2020 swim season until September 15, 2020

2. Remember to choose at least one of the drop down menus at the end of registration to indicate your swimmer's age (as of Dec. 31, 2020) for Swim BC fees to be added.

3. Swimmers can register according to their own gender identity.  Swimmers can only register as one gender at a time.  If a swimmer is changing their gender identity, a new swimmer profile will be created to reflect the change.  For more information about inclusion in swimming in BC/Yukon please see the Swim BC website.

4LINK to 2020 WGB Squad Fees-Officials-Bingo Requirements Chart for ALL squads.

5. Please read the club Code of Conduct & Ethics (found under the Policy tab at the top of the website).  When the code has been read, please go to the "event" (bottom of the homepage) and sign up all the swimmers in your family (in their groups).  This needs to be done before the first day of swimming.
6. Please have ONE Adult per family complete the RESPECT in Sports Parent Program (Yukon) before the end of October 2020.  The program is available online and needs to be re-certified every 3 years.
=>>Send completed program Certificate by email to club address whseglacierbears@gmail.com Deadline is October 30, 2020

7. NON-refundable squad deposits

        $100 for Junior squads (Teddy Bear, Cubs, Brown Bear & Teen)

        $200 for Senior squad (Black, Polar, Kodiak & SilverTip)

are part of each swimmer's fees to enter swim club.

Withdrawal of your athlete's registration at any time will result in WGB swim club retaining the deposit.

8.  ALL registration swim fees, non-refundable squad deposit, Swim BC fees & club membership fee, and,  SIGNED Code of Conduct & Ethics are due BEFORE the end of October 30, 2020 (NO exceptions).

 For assistance please contact us at whseglacierbears@gmail.com; we will be monitoring email to complete the registration process.

***Please pay special attention to the SwimBC category of your swimmer. Make sure you have the correct squad and age category for your swimmer.

***Also, be sure to register ALL your swimmers at the same time to avoid "extra" charges.

Whether you are a new or returning swimmer/swim family, we look forward to having you join Whitehorse Glacier Bears Swim club for our 2020-2021 season! 

Registration is not open. Please come back later.