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ARETE Swim Camp - Wesleyan University, CT

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You are in the registration mode for the ARETE Swim Camp at Wesleyan University in Connecticut beginning June 18 and ending on June 22, 2016. . The 2017 Camp fees on April 1 and later the fees are $575 and $785. Included in camp fees are lunch, snacks, t-shirt, cap, and all supplies, with arrival at 8:15 and departure at 5:15 .Residents receive breakfast and dinner each day they are present as well. 

When registering you will be charged a non-refundable administrative deposit of $200. After May 1 there are no refunds except for a documented medical emergency. In order to complete your registration, you must complete the on-line questionnaire where we will ask for other important information as well. 

Also to complete your registration please: as your electronic signature on some of the insurance forms. 

These forms are available here as "agreements" and are also available in the drop down Swim Camp menu on our web site for your convenience. They are:

1.        On-Line Questionnaire (electronically completed, this gives critical information)

2.         Release and Indemnification (Electronic submission only)

3.       Consent For Treatment of a Minor (bring to registration)

4.     Self-Medicine Administration (bring to registration if needed)


Thank you for letting us help your child “Discover The Champion Within!”

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