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2020 CSST Virtual Swim

Open for Returning Members

9/26/20 - 12/1/20

Open for New Members

9/26/20 - 12/1/20


2020 CSST Virtaul Swim

When:  October 1st - March 31st             

Categories:  Participants pick ONE of 5 goal distances to complete within the 6-month time-frame.  Swimmers can download a form to keep track of their distance at .  Distance categories are listed below.  Swimming anywhere, open water or pools counts for yardage.  Distances swum in meters can be converted to yards at

1) 50 miles Colorado River, Utah - 88,000 yards: averaging 3,382 yards per week

2)  75 miles, Navajo Lake - Colorado and New Mexico, 5,073 yards per week

3) 100 miles Rio Grande River, Texas - 176,000 yards: averaging 6,765 yards per week

4) 150 miles, Great Salt Lake, Utah- 264,000 yards: averaging 10,150 yards per week

5) 200 miles, Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona - 352,000 yards: averaging 13,530 yards per week

Awards:  All finishers receive a $10 gift certificate from A3 Performance swimwear.  If you are unsure about which category to choose, contact the entry chairman. 

Entry Fees:     Basic Entry: $40

                        Premier Entry:  $125 - Premier swimmers will receive 26 workouts, 1 each week to assist with your training.  Workout sample is shown below

Rainleaf Microfiber Towels:  $25.00 (choice of Blue, Purple or Bright Green) which includes shipping within the U.S.  Towels will be printed with the category, 50 Mile Swim Colorado River, Utah, for example, based upon the swimmers’ sign-up category.   Towels will be mailed in early November.  

Monthly Updates:  Participants will receive a monthly update and log-in to a Google Doc sheet to update their yardage and compare with other swimmers in the challenge.   

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