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Spring 2019 Tigershark Camp

Open for New Members

2/2/19 - 3/4/19


**If you have not already completed our survery, please take a few minutes to tell us about your swimmer: https://goo.gl/forms/PoZKgu9RTyQd13M72

What is Tigershark Camp?

Tigershark Camp is an evaluation for swimmers new to OCSC and is offered twice per year (Fall/Spring).  It's an opportunity for the coaching staff to get to know new swimmers and to assess their skills.  It is also an opportunity for new swimmers to see what a swim team practice is like and learn what the Tigersharks are all about.  Upon completion of Tigershark Camp, each swimmer will receive an evaluation.  At that point, if both the coach/swimmer agree they are ready to join swim team - you would then register your swimmer online for Long Course (space permitting).  The coaches will provide direction on which group your swimmer should register for.

DATE: Thursday, March 7, 2019

TIME: 8 & unders: 5-5:30pm, 9 & older: 5:30-6pm 

LOCATION: Oregon Pool

COST: $10.00

WHAT TO BRING?  a suit (one piece for girls), towel & goggles.  Most swimmers wear a swim cap to swim team practice - it is optional to camp.

PARENT MEETING: While kids in the water, there will be a parent meeting in the pool lobby area to give an overview of the team and answer any questions.