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2018 CDOG Long Course Registration

Open for Returning Members

3/26/18 - 7/21/18

Open for New Members

4/2/18 - 6/15/18


Welcome to the Cheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you to  easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.

Any questions regarding the YMCA membership or program fees should be directed to Monica Napolitano ( or Karen Thuerk (  They can also be reached at 203-272-3150.  All questions regarding other fees such as STPA or splash should be directed to the STPA at

We look forward to another exciting season of CDOG swimming!!




Welcome back, everyone! Online Registration begins on March 26th for returning swimmers .Registration is a THREE STEP PROCESS. All 3 steps are required to be fully registered.

STEP 1. Pay Program and Membership to the Y

  • Pay program fees on March 26th - April 2nd at the YMCA front desk. Program fees are HERE
  • The 2018 roster for BUC, AG, JRS and SRS can be found by clicking HERE. If your swimmer is not on the list contact Coach Sean or Coach Dan
  •  If you are paying by credit card print prefill this form to shorten your time at the Y. You may have opted in the past to have the Y charge program fees to your card (this isn’t the same as the autopay on our team website). Check with the YMCA at 203-272-3150.


STEP 2. REGISTER ONLINE ON THIS WEBSITE to choose your swimmer’s practice group and update all information as needed. You will also complete other info including

  • Full Account and emergency contact information
  • Medical and health insurance information.
  • Work obligations –please read carefully
  • Codes of conduct
  • Photo release


STEP 3- Pay your STPA Fee Online and Make Sure you have a Credit Card Linked to Team Unify For Splash Fees 

The last step is taking care of all non-program items Registration is not complete until you pay the STPA fee of $50 and link a credit card to Team Unify. 

This will complete your registration for the Long Course season. Since the LC season is so compact and all meets require prepayment we are asking each family to attach a credit card to their account for splash fees. The STPA fee for LC is set at 2010's rate of $50 per swimmer. All details will be on the 2018 registration tab on the website as we receive them.






Throughout the season you can top up your splash fees and miscellaneous expenses. You should maintain a positive balance in order to be eligible to compete at meets. You can add a credit card to your account and make a payment at any time. Once entered that credit card is used for any miscellaneous expense once your initial deposit has been exhausted.  You may opt-out at any time.

STPA (Swim Team Parents Association) fee

The fee for Long Course remains at 2010’s rate of $50 per swimmer.

What do our STPA (Swim Team Parents Association) fees pay for?

The STPA registration fee is paid at the time the swimmer is registered, by all swimmers BUC I and up.  This STPA fee only covers a small fraction of the items paid for by the STPA on the swimmers’ and team’s behalf. The rest is generated by our CDOG-hosted meets.  Some of the expenses covered by the STPA are:

  • Travel expenses for coaches to away meets like Long Island, Condors, MIT and Nationals.
  • Team equipment purchases (coach laptops, fins, tempo trainers, kick boards and other training aids. touch pads, plungers, meet tech. and their maintenance,)
  • Numerous operational expenses (i.e. Website hosting and processing fees, printers and lots of toner, computer supplies, meet laptops, meet processing software (Hytek licensing), paper, and storage of all etc.)
  • Contribution to coaches’ salaries
  • USA Registration fees for our coaches and officials
  • Training expenses for our officials and referees
  • Educational programs for our swimmers
  • Meet Pool fees and team apparel
  • A new team shirt or cap for each new swimmer
  • Awards and banquet cost (free admission for swimmers in BUC I and above)
  • Other team social events

The funding to pay for these expenses come from STPA Membership Fees, CDOG-hosted meet revenue, and a variety of fundraising programs administered the STPA Board. None of these expenses are covered by your program fees.

Splash Fees

Splash Fees pay for swimmers’ entry fees per meet. They are set by the host swim team and sometimes include a facility surcharge. Families must maintain a positive balance in order to be eligible to enter meets. For Long Course we are asking you to attach a credit card to their account.


USA Swimming Membership

As well as being a YMCA Swim Team Cheshire Sea Dogs are also a USA Swimming Team. This allows us to compete at US Swimming events as well as YMCA events. All our swimmers must be USA Swimming Members. Returning swimmers are current. New swimmers must notify the coaches and STPA of their need to pay USA registration fees.


You can also get information about the banquet and the road race during the in-person session. There will be team shirts, caps and other items available too.




  • You must pay Program Fees to the YMCA first. That covers coaching/pools/insurance etc.
  • Make sure your YMCA Memebership is up to date
  • THEN register online on the STPA’s  This will allow you to keep your swimmer’s account up to date, in the correct practice group, enable you to opt-in to meets in the future and stay on top of splash fees.
  • Pay your STPA Fee and link a credit card to Team Unify for Splash Fees