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2018 Spring/Summer Long Course season

Open for Returning Members

3/20/18 - 5/16/18

36 Members

Welcome to the Blue Devil Swim Club's Registration for the Spring/Summer 2018 swim season!

The registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Please complete online before the in-person registration on April 3rd or April 4th from 6pm-7:30pm at the Warren Township High School O'Plaine Campus.

  • Please complete online registration paperwork.
  • You will be requested to read all the documents. Acknowledge that you have read them by placing a checkmark in the box at the end of each document. This must be done to complete registration.
  • You will be requested to pay during the last step of the registration process. Accepted forms of payment are credit card or a check/cash submitted at in-person registration on April 3rd or April 4th.
  • Please bring volunteer commitment checks. One dated May 31, 2018 and one dated July 31st, 2018. (See volunteer section for details)

Your private account is your one-stop-shop for maintaining your contact information, declaring for swim meets, signing up for jobs, interactively tracking your kids times, and much more. We look forward to having you be part of our incredible swim team.

We look forward to having you join the Blue Devil Swim Club and are excited for another great season!


Incomplete registrations (missing signatures, forms, releases, etc.) will NOT be processed. Registration must be done through the Blue Devil Swim Club using the online forms, not through the Park District registration process and/or forms.


Practices for the spring season will begin Monday, April 9th, 2017 for all Seniors and Senior Adv. practice groups and Monday, April 16th, 2017 for Junior Devil, 10 & Under, 11-13 Year Old and GoldPractice Groups. Please check the website for the schedule and times for each group. All deviations from this schedule can be found on the Blue Devil Swim Club website.


In order to maintain affordable team fees, purchase equipment and supplies, and support ongoing programs, BDSC holds a variety of fundraising activities. Swimmers and their families are encouraged to participate in these fundraising activities.


BDSC is a parent-run organization and, in order to be a successful club, every family's assistance is required. Please read the Volunteer Commitment. Swimmers of families who do not have a volunteer commitment checks on file will not be allowed to practice or register for swim meets.


All swimmers are required to wear a team suit and BDSC swim cap (for those wearing caps) at all meets. Your child is strongly encouraged to wear the BDSC team shirt at meets. There are separate meet charges for all meets. (See meet fees section)


All swimmers are required to be picked up from practice no later than 5 minutes after the latest scheduled ending time. All swimmers that do not have a responsible party at the pool by this time will be assessed a fee of $10.00 unless there is a prior arrangement.


Every family must attend the mandatory parent meeting. The date, time, and location of the parent meeting will be communicated via e-mail and the team website.



  Full Season 4/9-6/2 6/4-8/3
  New Fees Spring Only Summer Only

Junior Devil

$350.00 $160.00 $210.00
10 & Under $425.00 $195.00 $250.00
11-13 YO $500.00 $230.00 $290.00
Gold $700.00 $320.00 $400.00
Senior $775.00 $375.00 $420.00
Senior Adv. $800.00 $390.00 $430.00

*$50 late fee will be added to your member account after April 6th, 2018.

*Partial payment of fees is not available. Please contact the treasurer to arrange a payment plan if requested.


Families with multiple swimmers will receive a discount to the team fees on an increasing scale; 5% of the swimming registration fee for two swimmers, 10% of the registration fee for three swimmers, 15% of the registration fee for four swimmers and 20% of the registration fee for 5 or more swimmers.


If swimmers are not registered as USA Swimming Athletes, a USA Swimming Athlete registration application (one for each swimmer) must be completed in person at registration night. This is an annual fee of $75 and due at registration for new swimmers during the Spring/Summer season. 


Dual/tri/conference meets are $5 per meet. Invitational meet fees are based on charges from the host team. Generally, they are $3-$5 per event, plus a $2 ISI fee. Sometimes, there is an additional facility charge. BDSC also assesses a $7 per swimmer per day coaching fee. Total costs can run from $15-$30 per day, depending on per event charges. In addition to the daily meet fees, BDSC charges a $30 flat fee for out-of-town team travel meets to cover coaches travel expenses. Time trials and championships fees are based on the meet packets, plus a $7 per day coaching fee.

If your swimmer is entered to swim at a meet, fees will be charged and payment will be expected unless you communicate with the coaches and your swimmer is removed from the meet before the entry deadline.

Meet fees can be paid via check, cash, ACH transactions, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) through Team Unify on our website.

If you choose to pay with a credit card or an ACH transaction, there will be a $5.00 fee assessed per transaction which will take place monthly. Payments are processed on the 1stof every month.


If your meet fees are not paid after 30 days, your swimmer will not be able to swim at the next registered meet. The fees that you are invoiced at the beginning of each month are fees accrued from the previous month. Therefore, those fees have already been paid by BDSC to the host club. In order to ensure that BDSC fulfills its operational expenses, we must collect payments in a timely manner.


BDSC and USA swim fees are nonrefundable.


You may choose to pay by credit card during the online registration process or by check at one of the registration nights listed above. ACH transactions are not an option for registration. If you plan to pay by credit card, please ensure your payment setup information is up to date in the Payment Setup section under My Account. If you pay by check, your cancelled check is your receipt. BDSC is not responsible for other cash payments unless they are prearranged with the club treasurer so that a receipt can be given.

Registration is not open. Please come back later.