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Fall-Winter 2019-2020 Season

Open for Returning Members

8/3/19 - 2/1/20

Open for New Members

8/3/19 - 2/5/20


Welcome to the Iguanas Swim Club 2019-2020 season! 

To register for fall lessons click here , if registering for swim team please continue on this page.

Before registration make sure you have read the Team Handbook and understand that refunds are offered for illness and injury only. By registering you also agree that:

  •  The Iguanas believe in positive coaching and expects famlies to support and encourage their swimmers as well as teamates and other member families. 
  •  Families are required to participate in our fundraising efforts: hosted meets and swimathon. These efforts allow us to provide fee assistance and rent our facilities. Familes that do not participate can be assessed an additional membership fee up to $100.

Please also make sure to set up team text messaging for important alerts like pool closings. After you register to set up text messaging please add a phone number under your account profile by clicking ADD SMS.

Fee Assistance (reduced rates)- to register as a Fee Assistance swimmer you must provide financial verification like a letter from school verifying financial need, pay stub, or other income documentation. We require that you email or text this to staff as soon as possible. It can be photo and text to 773-316-8348 or email to l.gross7000@yahoo.com.