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Welcome to the Alligator Aquatics Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season!

A Swim Team with Character and Integrity!

2019-2020 Short Course Swim Season Registration

Working together with D214 and the surrounding districts to make aquatics in this area better than ever before! Now Swimming out of Wheeling, Prospect, Elk Grove and Saint Viator!

Advantages of belonging to a USA Certified Swim Team like Alligator Aquatics:

All coaches are USA certified

Safe Sport trained -

 First Aid, CPR, and "Coaches' Safety" trained.

 Athlete Protection trained.

The Club is under a USA Swimming charter and all swim meets are sanctioned by USA Swimming.

All colleges look to USA swim teams for their future athletes.

All United States Olympic and Paralympic swimmers are trained and supported by USA Swimming!

Alligator Aquatics Inc. is a privately run, not for profit, USA swimming swim team. Working as Feeder Team to D214 and a feeder to the surrounding High Schools!  Athletes from all over the northwest suburbs are a part of our program.  A tradition of swimming success continues under the direction of our highly motivated staff. Over two-thirds of our swimmers compete in Local, State & National Championship meets! In recent years we have had State Champions at the ISI State Championships, Multiple USA Sectional, and Junior National Qualifiers, a Junior National Champion in two events and two swimmers who competed in the 2008, 2012  and 2016 Olympic trials! In addition, we had one swimmer compete in the 2016 Paralympic trials and is currently ranked in the top 20 in the world in 4 events! This success comes from our determination to put the athlete first. We are here for them! 

  Our commitment to you:

  • We are dedicated to developing athletes who grow in commitment, integrity, and sportsmanship through training.
  • We are dedicated to keeping our coaches educated in the sport of swimming on a local, state, and national level. All coaches are USA Swimming and ASCA certified.
  • Alligator families have a history of developing lifelong friendships which extend beyond the pool; we work to cultivate a positive peer environment for our swimmers.
  • We provide ongoing opportunities for all athletes to achieve their own personal goals.
  • No goal is too small or too big!

We are home to age group swimmers, from many different grade schools and swimmers from D214 high schools - and beyond! Our college swim team placement rate is 98% for all those wishing to continue swimming in college. We are currently represented at Oshkosh, Saint Louis University, Southern Illinois University, Univerity of Illinois, Ball State University, Louisiana State University, and Cincinnati University.

Success in our program comes from a determination to provide the most current skills to our athletes, an open door of communication, and a vision of excellence. As a team, parents included, working together we will continue our tradition of excellence!

Alligator Aquatics is open to swimmers ages 5 and up. They must be able to swim 25 yards of both freestyle and backstroke efficiently. Through the use of a progressive program all swimmers whether novice or advanced will receive the coaching and training necessary to guide them to their full potential.

Alligator Family Requirements:

  • All families are needed to help run our home meets, contribute to concessions at home meets, and to time at any away meets they attend.
  • Participate in the pool, and in the stands, with positive, sportsman-like conduct.

Group Descriptions


Green Gators -



Skill Requirements 

 Introductory level. Must know how to swim Freestyle and Backstroke. Prior lesson experience is recommended


 2 practices a week are recommended (30 minutes each)

Training Objectives 

 Introduction to team and training environment

 Develop interest and have fun

 Learn streamline, body position and breathing

 Foundations of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke

 85% stroke work  15% conditioning

Meet Expectations 



 Practice swimsuit, Alligator cap, and goggles (2 pair - put name on straps)

Skills to be Mastered 


 Correct Freestyle for 25 yards with rotary breathing

 Correct Backstroke for 25 yards

 Correct Breastroke for 25 yards

 Legal Butterfly kick


Silver Gators -


 9 and under

Skill Requirements 

 25 yards Free with rotary breathing, 25 yards Back and 25 yards Breast

Legal Butterfly kick


 3 practices a week are recommended

Training Objectives

Learn how to read the clock

 Learn drills for every stroke

 Begin aerobic development

USA Swimming start certification (must be passed to attend meets)

70% stroke technique and 30% conditioning

Meet Expectations 

 Alligator home meets are required. Additional meets are optional.


 Practice swimsuit, Alligator suit and cap for meets, and goggles (2 pair -  put name on straps)

Performance Targets 

 100 IM swim

 100 IM kick


Gold Gators -


 10 and under, and,11 year olds that are newer to the sport of swimming.

Skill Requirements 

 Legal 100 IM swim and kick

 50 free with rotary breathing, 50 Back, 50 Breast


 3-4 practices a week are recommended

Training Objectives 

 Learn interval training

 Increase knowledge on drill progressions

 Strengthen kicking skills

 Improve practice and competition skills

40% technique 60% conditioning

Meet Expectations 

 Participation in Alligator home meets is expected along with one meet  per month


 Basic stretching and core development is a part of most practices


 Alligator suit and cap for meets, practice swimsuit, goggles (2 pair with names on straps), fins, water bottle

Performance Targets 

 200 IM, 200 Free, 10 X 50 on 1:00, 5 x 100 IM on 2:00 and 10 X 50 kick  on 1:15, 500 free under 9min

Blue Gators


 11-12 (age exceptions are rare, but are considered based on circumstances as  determined by the Head Coach and Head Age Group Coach)

Skill Requirements 

 12 X 50 kick on 1:10, 200 kick under 4:15, 500 Free swim under 9 minutes


3-4 practices a week are recommended.

Training Objectives 

 Focus on 100s of all strokes and 200 Free, 500 free and 200 IM

 Aerobic endurance

 Increased dryland with more core development and shoulder strengthening

 Qualify for Age Group Regionals and Age Group State

Meet Expectations 

 Alligator meet attendance, along with1 additional meet per month and all championship meets qualified for.


 2-3 times a week, shoulder strengthening, core strength and bodyweight  training(using own body weight for strengthening)


 Alligator suit and cap for meets, practice suit(s), goggles (2 pair), mesh bag, pull buoy, fins, water bottle, snorkel front-mounted (strongly recommended)

Performance Targets 

 8 X 100 1:45, K 10 X 50 on 1:00, 5 X 100 IM on 1:55, 500 Free under 8:30

 Age Group Regional and State cuts


Senior Gators


 13-15 exceptions are made for swimmers with 11/12 age group state cuts and a high level of training integrity.

Skill Requirements 

 10 X 50 K on 1:05, 200 K under 4:00, 5 X 200 IM on 3:30


4 practices a week are recommended

Training Objectives 

 Focus on 100s and 200s of all strokes

 Increased aerobic training and dryland training

 Race strategy for HS level swimming and college-level swimming

 Covers a wider range of training. Intermediate to advanced training based on  individual goals and commitment

 Qualify for Regionals, Age Group or Senior State Championships, Sectionals

Test Sets 

 10 X 100 free on fastest interval, 400 K for time, 5 X 100 IM for time on 4:00

Dryland   3 times a week core and shoulder strengthening, dryland will be included regularly

Meet Expectations

 Minimum of attending the Alligator meets, 2 additional meets and all championship meets qualified for.


 For all meets: Alligator suit, Alligator drag suit (boys), and Alligator cap(s).

 For training: practice suit(s), goggles (2 pair), mesh bag, fins, snorkel  front  mount, paddles, pull buoy, kickboard, water bottle, girls - extra workout suit 1 size bigger for drag suit

Performance Targets 

 10 X 100 Free on 1:30, 5 X 200 IM on 315, 500 Free under 7:00,Cuts for  Regionals, Age Group or Senior State and?Sectionals




 14-15 by head coach approval only, and all 16 and over.  In order to move into X-Treme, prior to age 16, athletes must have demonstrated a history of training integrity, self-discipline and a positive work ethic. Attendance is expected at 90%. Swimmer MUST have long term swimming goals in HS and Collegiate swimming - and a willingness to work for them. Championship meet participation is required. On-going communication with Head Coach is required.

Skill Requirements

 Women: 10 X 100 free on 1:20, K 10 X 50 on 1:00, 5 X 200 IM on 2:50

 Men: 10 X 100 free on 1:15, K 10 X 50 on 1:00, 5 X 200 IM on 2:40


 90% attendance required, and self motivated, quality, training habits previously  established. Positive attitude and personal integrity is a part of who you are.

Training Objectives 

 Strong training, National level times and College Swimming are the main goals, advanced race strategy, must be willing to travel to meets nationally. Strength training will be included.

Test sets

 T-30, 8 X 200 IM on 8:00, 400 K for time, 10 X 100 free on fastest interval possible

Meet Expectations 

 Determined with Head Coach and all championship meets qualified for is required, unless determined otherwise by the head coach. Must compete in all distances of all strokes yearly, unless determined otherwise by Head Coach.


 For all meets: Speedo racing suit or Speedo Alligator suit, Alligator drag suit (boys) and Alligator cap. For training: practice suits (2- on at every practice), goggles (2 pair), snorkel-front mounted, mesh bag, fins, kickboard, paddles, pull buoy, 2 tennis balls, rubber tire and tempo trainer, water bottle.

Performance Targets 

10 X 100 Free on 1:15(W) and 1:10(M), 5 x 200 IM on 2:40(W) and 2:30(M), K 5 x 100 on 1:45, 500 Free under 5:30(W) and 5:05(M) Senior State cuts, Sectional ?cuts, National cuts, College Swimming


Masters: Practices T/T 5:30-7 A.M., and Sunday 7:00-8:30 A.M.

Please Note ~ Swimmers age as of December 15th, determines level placement. Level changes within the season are allowed ONLY with Head Coach approval; fees will be adjusted accordingly. Each returning swimmer must register in the level matching their age unless assigned by the Head Coach. For new athletes, please sign up for the level that best suits your child (excluding X-Treme). If you are unsure which level is most appropriate, please contact Head Coach to discuss During the first few weeks of practices all swimmers will be reviewed to assure their group placement is a good fit.