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2020-2021 Tadpole to Piranha Transition Registration


Advanced Tadpole to Piranha Registration


LAMVAC coaches believe that your swimmer has achieved the skills needed to move from the Advanced Tadpole troup to the Piranha group, the first swim team level.


Please see the Piranha schedule at Rengstorff Pool.


LAMVAC coaches recommend that Piranhas swim two to four times each week.



The cost of the new level is a bit different from what you were used to in Tadpoles. You can choose between monthly and quarterly billing (Sep. 1, Dec. 1, March 1, or June 1) through the registration process. In addition to the ongoing team fees, the club requires an Annual Membership Fee.


If your swimmer swims even one day of the month or quarter, you will owe for the entire period; the club does not prorate. Additionally, before March 1, there is a required $150 family fundraising donation that can be fulfilled during the annual swimathon.


Volunteer hours

In addition to the monetary commitment, parents of Piranha families must volunteer 20 hours per swim year (to be completed by August of next year).



The coaches will automatically move your child up to the next level for practice, but the club needs you to complete the online registration that follows to establish your billing and have you officially acknowledge your understanding of the changes noted above. Once you have completed registration, your swimmer will receive a team T-shirt and swim cap from the coach as a welcome to LAMVAC.



  • At the checkout page, do NOT choose the $73 US Swim registration fee, as you have already paid this fee for the Tadpole program.
  • Registrations must be approved before you can see the activity in your Team Unify account.  This can take up to 48 hours after payment is received.

Questions?  Contact LAMVAC membership at [email protected]