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Train Heroic - Interim Online Training Program


Welcome to the Cleveland Swim Institute's COVID-19 Specialized At-Home Interim Training Registration!

Although we are in the midst of this worldwide pandemic, it's time to begin training...minus the swimming pool. However daunting, our team was built on the foundational principles of developing swimmers through athletic development. Specifically, building swimmers on land. So there is no better time than now. There is no better team CSI!

This optional training curriculum (Train Heroic) will include daily, personalized, swim specific strength and conditioning workouts. This program will provide each of you the opportunity to build a stronger, swim-specific system designed specifically for you.

In order to begin, please fill out the questionnaire listed below and email Coach John at Once this information is received, you will be provided an access code to enter the software training platform where your sessions will be provided on a daily basis.


  1. What equipment* do you have?
    *a pull-up bar and Swim Band are the only real requirements
  2. Where will you be training? (basement, garage, outside)
  3. What days and time of day are you available to train?
  4. How many days per week are you able to train? (3 thru 7 days)
  5. How many hours per week are you able to train? (3 thru 14 hours per week)
  6. Is there anything you believe would like to include in this training curriculum?