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2020 Registration

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8/12/19 - 7/31/20

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8/19/19 - 7/31/20

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2019/2020  REGISTRATION (09/09/2019 - 07/31/2020)

Dear Lakers Aquatic Club Current and Prospective Members,

We welcome you to our Lakers Aquatic Club Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming 2019/2020  Season! This year's  season will begin on Monday, September 9th and will run through July 31, 2020.  We are pleased to continue to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members and will help our club better streamline our processes as we continue to go paperless. You'll continue to access your family account and may easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim time history, maintain your own contact information, view monthly invoices and even pay your monthly dues. We look forward to seeing everyone at the pool and are excited for another great season! GO LAKERS!


Please e-mail Julie Leutzinger at for more information, questions or to schedule an in-water evaluation.  New Swimmers will start after their in-water evaluation on the next scheduled practice for their group. Flexible Mini Plan Swimmers do not require an evaluation.

2019/2020 REGISTRATION  

Registration Fee: $25 registration fee per swimmer for the 2019/2020  season. New swimmers will recieve a Lakers t-shirt & cap once registration is complete. There is not a registration fee for Flexible Mini Plan Swimmers.

Groups:  For those who are returning, you will be assigned to your new group by your coach.  If you have questions about the group that your swimmer was placed in, please contact Coach Kelton prior to registration.  All new swimmers will be placed in a group after his/her in-water evaluation.

Practice Locations:  As with previous years, the Lakers will continue to share pool time primarily between  South Lake Lakeview and Eastpointe High Schools and Anchor Bay Aquatic Center. Exact days and times are determined by what group you are in. 

USA Swimming Registration:  The USA Swimming Registration Fee is $80.00, it includes USA Swimming insurance while at all organized Laker functions.  It also includes a subscription to SPLASH magazine, a bi-monthly swimming publication.  Returning swimmers do not need to fill out registration forms.  Our Team Unify Swimming program will automatically take care of this.  This membership is required by USA Swimming to practice with the club and to swim in meets.  If you are joining the Lakers from another USA Swimming team, you should complete the USA Swimming transfer form.  Please contact us if you do not have this form.  If you are eligible to receive free or reduced lunches, you may be eligible to receive a reduced USA Swimming Registration fee.  Please speak to our Membership Rep, Julie Leutzinger, directly during registration.

2019/2020 Season Monthly  Pricing Plan: Monthly Dues: Fees will be due at registration, and on the 1th of the month and thereafter, with the last monthly tuition of the season due is July 1, 2020.  We offer a discount for each additional swimmer in the family. The 1st swimmer in the family pays full price, every swimmer after that receives a 10% discount. The discount is based on the lowest dues payment per swimmer. For example, if a family has three swimmers; one in Senior White ($200.00), one in Junior Blue ($160.00), and one in Speedsters Blue($90.00), they would pay $425.00 ($190.00 + $144.00+ $81.00).

Speedsters Blue: $80 per month / offered 3 practices / week / 45 minutes

Speedsters White: $120 per month / offered 3 practices / week / 1 hour + dryland

Speedsters Red: $150 per month / offered 4 practices / week / 1 hour +  dryland

Junior Blue: $160 per month / offered 4 practices / week / 2 hours +  dryland

Junior White: $170 per month / offered 5 practices / week / 2 hours + dryland

Junior Red: $180 per month / offered 6 practices / week / 2 hours + dryland

Senior Blue :  $190 per month / offered 6 practices / week / 2-2.5 hours + dryland

Senior White: $200 per month / offered 9 practices / week / 2-2.5 hours+ dryland

Senior Red: $210 per month / offered 9 practices / week / 2-2.5 hours + dryland

Mini Plan 1: $60 per month / offered 1 practice / week / 1 hour

Mini Plan 2: $100 per month / offered 2 practices / week / 1 hour

AB- Senior: $180 per month / offered 6 practices / week / 2-2.5 hours + dryland

AB- Junior: $150 per month / offered 4 practices / week / 1.5 hours

AB- Speedster: $120 per month / offered 3 practices / week / 1 hour


Please note that all families are REQUIRED to sign up for online bill pay. Online bill pay is the only accepted form of payment. Most of our families already participate in this. Monthly dues, meet/other fees must be paid by credit/debit card or ACH/Electronic check. Account balances will be charged on the 1th of each month. Dues/fees will no longer be accepted at the pool or by mail.

Two-Week Trial:  Lakers offers a FREE two-week trial period to new and curious swimmers!  This is a opportunity to ensure that your child feels that the Lakers swim team is a good fit for them.  If interested in joining, after the two-week trial period, the swimmer and parent/legal guardian must complete the full registration package and submit payment.  The registration fees will consist of a  $80.00  fee for the USA Swimming  Membership (required for all swimmers by USA Swimming).  As mentioned above, the USA Swimming membership is required by all swimmers on every USA Swim Team. ** The 2 week trial period is not inclued for our Flexible Mini Plan Swimmers**

High School Drop-In Fee Option:  Lakers is proud to offer a drop-in option for its current members who are participating in High School School swim at their prospective schools. The cost for this drop-in option is a one-time fee of $100 and covers the months of Sept/Oct/Nov for Girls and Dec/Jan/Feb for Boys. This fee must be paid at ShortCourse Registration by selecting the "High School Drop In" as your swimmer's group.  High School Boys will need to inform membership to obtain the drop in option. This option allows your swimmer to participate on their school's swim team while still being able to take advantage of training with their Lakers team, as often as they would like!

Fundraising: Lakers Aquatic Club has an established fundrasing program, which is required for all families with a swimmer(s) in the Speedster White group or above. The fundraising committment for the 2019/2020 Short Course season is $150 per family, NOT swimmer. ****Although exempt, the Speedster Blue group & our Flexible Mini Plan families are strongly encouraged to participate and support the Lakers****

Established fundraising ensures that the current fee structure is maintained while:

  • Safeguarding expert coaches
  • offering state-of-the-art equiptment for training
  • offsetting rising costs of pool usage
  • supporting club activites

Our Vice President and fundraising committee work very hard to keep the program activities as easy as possible for families to meet their fundraising requirements. Some of our fundraising opportunities will be a golf outing, swim- a- thon, and raffles.