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2020-21 Registration

2020 - 2021 Swim Team Registration 


Welcome to the Tri-Hampton YMCA Swim Team Registration for the September 2020- July 2021 Swim Season!


This is an ELEVEN-MONTH registration, from September 2020 through July 2021, which includes both the Fall/Winter Short Course Season and the Spring/Summer Long Course Season. Any swimmers choosing to leave the team before July 2021 must notify the YMCA in writing at least 10 days prior to their final day of practice. For example, if your swimmer wishes to only swim September - March and not continue in April we must receive an email by March 22, 2021 to stop the April payment.  Swimmers are committed to the end of the Short Course season which ends March 18th, 2021.


All swimmers must be full members of YMCA Of Bucks County.  If you are not a full member please stop by the Welcome Center to become one. Swimmers will be given a membership card which they must have with them each day to check in.  If your swimmer does not have a membership card please stop at the Welcome Center before the first day of practice to get one.

*Registration for the swim team happens through the Team Unify site not the Welcome Center.

Parents Association Fee: $100


Seniors: $145.00

Age Group: $115.00

Pre-Age Group: $110.00

Academy: $110.00


Your swimmers level has been updated on their Team Unify account visible under their profile.

All swim team levels must be a full member of YMCA Of Bucks County.  If you are not a full member you will have to stop by the welcome center and become a member before your swimmer can be registered.


USA Swimming Registration: $77 You Must Select YES when you come to this question during the registration process if you would like your swimmer registered for USA Swimming to participate in USA meets.  Swimmers that are 8 and younger do not have an option to do USA meets.  USA meets are additional meets that the team attends outside of dual swim meets.  We encourage swimmers in Age Group and Senior levels to participate in these meets for a higher level of competition.


All returning swimmers should register for the level they are currently listed under their TeamUnify profile, unless otherwise specified by Coach Taylor.  


Invoices from the Team Unify site will be sent to the Welcome Center to be processed. The Welcome Center will NOT register anyone that comes to the desk.


Please keep in mind that the protocol for swim practice will be different this season. 


What the return to practice 2020-2021 will look like:

  1. Drop off swimmers in the parking lot and they will walk to the entrance of the YMCA (No spectators are allowed in the building).
  2. Wait at the entrance for health screening. All children and members are required to complete a daily temperature and health check prior to being admitted into the facility, which will be administered by a YMCA Staff member. A temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be allowed into the building. Such child or member will be sent home and required to monitor their fever.
  3. After passing the health screening, scan into the YMCA with your membership card.  If you need a new membership card, please stop by the welcome center before the first day of practice.
  4. Enter the pool through the Lap pool observation doors. Go to the assigned area on the pool deck (no using locker rooms- please have swimmers use the restroom before coming to practice. Of course emergency bathroom breaks will be allowed; however we would like to keep this to a minimum).
  5. Set items down in designated areas and remove masks, without stalling.
  6. Report to your designated lane and starting end of the lane (Half the lane will start at the shallow end of the pool and half will start at the deep end of the pool).
  7. Proceed with practice as per usual. Swimmers will only ever be on the wall that they started on.
  8. To avoid crowdedness on the wall, some lanes may need to have swimmers stop before the wall and stay towards the right side of the lane, up against the lane line.
  9. When practice concludes, dry off, put your mask back on, and retrieve belongings.
  10. Exit using the back doors of the pool and go to your car.


We look forward to having you join the Tri-Hampton YMCA Swim Team and are excited for another great season!

Registration is not open. Please come back later.