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Seals 2017-2018 Registration

Open for Returning Members

8/22/17 - 6/1/18

Open for New Members

8/22/17 - 6/1/18



Welcome to Seals Swimming Registration 2017-2018!  

We are excited to get back in the pool on September 5, 2017 and start our Short Course season. We have some great meets planned for the season, please check our homepage and look at our new meet schedule! This is an exciting time to be a Seal, new meets planned, new groups to swim with and great Seals back in the water! The new group structure can be found here. If you have any questions regarding group placement for your swimmer or would like to schedule a new swimmer evaluation, please contact Coach John or Coach Keli.

During registration, you will pay the annual USA-S Swimming registration fee, annual Seals registration, first installment of session dues, and a transfer fee (if applicable). If you have any outstanding meet fees or balances, we ask those be paid as well.

All Registration forms, including USA-S Registration, Medical and Code of Conduct, must be completed before entering the pool. These are all included in the online registration.

Updated structure and payment policy: We are structured into sessions of varying lengths depending on the group. You are responsible for the entire session and will not be refunded nor can you stop paying in the middle of a session. It is your responsibility to notify the registrar if you do not intend to continue with the following session and be removed from billing. You will be billed monthly via teamunify.

Please note if you join the the team (White or Age Groups) before October 15 for Session 1, before February 15 for Session 2, and before June 15 for Session 3 then you will be responsible for payment for the entire session. If you join after those dates, the fees will be prorated. The Senior Groups are a commitment for the entire winter season (Sept-April) and therefore have only one session.

- 5% if your family has more than one swimmer in the pool you will save 5% on the swimmer in the lower group.

The Board of Directors has created this policy in order to operate the team in a responsible financial manner. The Board manages the team on a budget and must be able to rely on payments from dues when a swimmer commits to the team to pay for the operation costs. We thank you for your cooperation with this and look forward to a terrific season! If you have any questions please contact current Seals’ President Erik Schulz, incoming President Anne Marie Poulin, or incoming Vice-President, Jennie Pillsbury.

We look forward to having you join the Westbrook Seals and are excited for another great season!

Any questions or concerns regarding registration and billing please contact: Bethany Walker
Seals Registrar


Registration is not open. Please come back later.
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